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Posted October 30th, 2007
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Just played the demo. Wasn't impressed. I could tell it was really rushed. It was to show your diamond/pearl graphics- which were bad. All of the NPCs were not alligned right, they were really high up and the hero was really low down compared to them. Various tiles were ugly- eg. the corners of the water. A demo should showcase what you can do with the program and should show the player what to expect from your game. Thats why its called a demo- demo is short for "demonstration." Talking to people shoulded be a "good feature" for your game lol.
Hopefully demo 2 will be a big improvement.
Sorry if that seemed mean, but was my experience with your game.
Thanks for that critic. I had a lot of problems with RPG maker XP. That is why it is really bugy. On Demo#2, you will see a REALLY big difference. And remember, it was a *first time* program...

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