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    Originally Posted by Kurapika View Post
    Regarding the Dept. Store, I went there after I've beaten Shade and the lady in the Elevator now asks me which floor I want to go to, and gives me the choices F1, F2 and F3, no more bugs. So, it seems it's an error that allows access to not fully implemented floors I suppose?!
    Yup. I'll have to take a closer look at it.
    Anyway, I have some more stuff to report:
    - When I defeated Shade and wwas about to leave his Gym., the game told me that it ends there and I can go to the underground trainrails for a teaser of the next episode etc etc, however the game doesn't end yet since I am now on my way for the 5th Badge, I suppose it's an "end of episode" message from the episode before that you forgot to remove?
    Stupid oversight on my part; fixed for the next release. >>
    - Sucker Punch does not fail when it has to. (f.e.: I use Stun Spore but I still get ninja'd by Sucker Punch when it should fail normally)
    - When Worry Seed is used it says "*Target* acquired !*" (the word Insomnia is missing in the message)
    These are issues with the scripts being incomplete. Sucker Punch I'm well aware of. Worry Seed doesn't surprise me. I'm sure they'll be fixed eventually as new versions are released.
    - Future Sight affects DARK pokes apparently. (My Scraggy got hit by Kirlia's Future Sight)
    Seraph got this one. c:
    - Apparently, Payback's power is never doubled.
    Another incomplete move :c
    - Whenever a wild Pidgey uses the move Whirlwind against me, it fails.
    That does surprise me. Who was your Pokemon? Or did it fail against multiple leads?
    - Big Root (a hold item) causes the game to freeze when a Pokemon uses Giga Drain (didn't try with Drain Punch) holding the said hold-item.
    I found this one a while back... Same happens with Leech Seed, or any draining move I suppose. For now, best to just not use Big Root. Sorry. I thought it had been fixed.
    - I can't use the Bike in caves, was it intended? :(
    If I say it was, will you not think less of me for it?
    Seriously though, um, I forget, how does the main series handle bikes/caves?
    - Regarding the funny looking bright stones that can be exploited with a Minning Kit, do they "respwan"? How?
    They don't; they're limited. I will almost certainly include some sort of infinite area for them by the post-game, but for now they're one-shot only.
    EDIT: Also, some slight mispellings, see the screenshot in this link:
    Fixed, fixed, fixed, fixed, and then those last two had already been reported by someone else, but have also in turn been fixed~

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