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    Originally Posted by Ichaste Pekoni View Post
    Basically an auto-Magic Cylinder on legs. Any reasonable opponent will attack with something weak first, though, completely ruining this.
    There's a catch, though. Suppose you aren't running this with an empty field but actually have a reasonably buff monster out. In that case your opponent will either have to hit with something big to get rid of the punisher or sacrifice their low-power creature in battle (eating battle damage in the process). Either that or dig around for S/T removal. In any of the given scenarios, I'd say that the card has served its purpose.

    Anyways, something a bit different again:

    Cyber Acrochordus
    3 Star/Dark
    500 Atk / 900 Def

    Select and activate one of the following effects:
    - When this card is attacked, remove this card from play to remove the attacking monster from play until your next Standby Phase then add one "Cyber Acrochordus" from your Deck to your Hand.
    - Remove this card and one card in your Hand from play to add a Monster Card from your Deck to your Hand.
    - Remove from play this card and two Monsters on your Field to select two cards at random from your opponent's Hand and remove the from play.

    Okay, fine, Cyber Valley and its Machine Duplication-exploitability (which, might I add, meshes nicely with Satellite Cannon since they're both light attributes too) has grown on me. So sue me. xP
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