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    This is the OOC for "It Begins And Ends In The Stadium". All SU's are to be submitted here.


    This roleplay is rated M, strictly for the reason of allowing people to explore their creative genius, with as least limits as possible.

    The Region is Unova.


    Everyone has always said to treat others, as you want to be treated. Fairly reasonable, right? I would think so. That's not always the case in Nimbasa City, however. People come to Nimbasa for the fun, the leisure! Of course, that's the outer image that people see. They see it as fun, as somewhere to go and take the family for a good time.While it is all of those things (and so much more!), there is a certain darkness within the city. People are disappearing, wild pokemon that were once friendly are now at odds, and the trainers? While not all were friendly, the ones that were friendly... Are no longer. The town as a whole is still fun, but the people are not. Hence a sudden decline in the activity, and the visits by families...

    With all that said, Nimbasa has decided to throw an inaugural Pokemon Olympic Games of sorts. Being the home of Big Stadium and Small Court, recent interest has peaked that a sort of "Unovian Olympics" should be held in town. These Olympics are different though... Much, much different. While most events held at Big Stadium and Small Court are simple battle tournaments, "The Unovian Olympics" is a three-part game series. Pokemon Single Battles, A Pokemon Contest, and Pokemon Double Battles. Simple enough, right? I mean... How hard can it be?

    Very wrong.

    The Single Battle Tournament will have a four player bracket, divided into groups of four in Round Robin groups at the beginning. Only the top two of each side will advance to the semifinals of the Single Battle Format, and from there on it is single elimination. The winner of the SB tournament will be awarded 200 points, the runner-up will receive 100, the semifinalists will receive fifty each, and the quarterfinalists 25. For Single Battle Format, you must have six Pokemon on your team and no less, and there will be NO legendaries. Shinies are allowed, but not too many. Two per team is okay, but not more than that.

    For the Pokemon Contest, the same four trainers will submit ONE Pokemon for the contest, and will seek to dazzle the judges in the first round with their Pokemon's beauty and strategic move sets. Based off of their scores, the trainers will then be seeded for the battle round from 1-8, highest score to lowest score. This does NOT round robin, and will be single elimination as well. As stated before, the Winner will receive 200 points, the runner-up 100, the semifinalists fifty, and the quarterfinalists twenty-five. Simple enough?

    For the last contest, things will get fairly complicated. While the trainers will still be asked to have a team of six, the team of six much be paired into groups of two. Not just that, but the groups will be assembled and can NOT be changed once submitted. The four trainers will again be divided into Round Robin groups for the quarterfinals, with the two best from each advancing to the semifinals, and the winners/semifinalists/quarterfinalists being awarded the same amount of points from each of the previous rounds. Once the final scores are totaled, a winner will be crowd, as well as second, and third... There will be no placings further than third place.

    It sounds simple, right? Genius? Surely nothing can go wrong!

    Plenty can.

    Mind you, things are not good in Nimbasa. Not at all. Things were bad before the arrival of the trainers, and they only got worse when they arrived. More people are disappearing, more people are beginning to become angry, antsy... And the wild Pokemon around Nimbasa are nothing short of violent. Not just that, but the shady activity that is so well-known in "Narrow Street" of Castelia... Has somehow found it's way to Nimbasa. Trainers must travel in packs, if not with family, as their lives... And their Pokemon, could very well be at stake. An Olympic crown would be nice, a shiny medal would be oh-so grand... You decide, though. Is it really worth it?

    Because in the end... It begins and end in the stadium.

    It Begins And Ends In The Stadium- The Cast!

    1. Bradyn Kipsingh (ohHeyVaporeon)
    2. Miharu Mizushima (MichaelaTheUchiha)
    3. Krystal Kollyns (Nakuzami)
    4. Darren Fey (bubblebeam)

    GM Note: SU's are to be submitted in the OOC. If you submit an SU here, it will be automatically declined. Thanks!

    Sign-Up Sheet:







    Why do you want to be a part of this roleplay?

    Pokemon (List your Singles Team, Your pokemon for the Contest, and your Doubles Teams):


    1. NO God-Modding. You control your character, let others control theirs. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

    2. There will be a posting order. I will design the post order, once the spots are filled.

    3. DO NOT break the posting order. Those that break the posting order will be warned only once.

    4. If you are going to be gone for a while post it in the OOC for all to see. That way, if I myself have to take a leave, others will see it as well.

    5. I expect five paragraphs a post, at least. No cheap ones, either. That too, will not be tolerated.

    6. Be courteous. No one is too big for their boots here. Not in my roleplay.

    7. If you have writers block, let me know. You can be skipped in posting order within reason, as to give you the maximum time to recover from it.

    8. Have fun, and feel free to talk to me at any time. I don't bite.
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