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    If you guys are still accepting, I'd like to apply to be a rescuer.

    Game Version(s) I own: Red
    Team Name: Alpha
    Name (level) IQ
    - Venusaur (100) Max
    - Pikachu (71) 7
    - Articuno (59) 4
    Currently posted rank:
    13330 - Diamond
    Currently Inaccessible:
    Meteor Cave
    Silver Trench (Currently working on)
    I'll accept any dungeon I can access. I'll update ones I can later.


    I've lost my copy of Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team so I wont be able to do rescues untill I find it or get a replacememt team set up.

    I got a replacement MD game and will be working to become a rescuer in due time. Currently I have Sky so when I get a good team I'll help those who I can :)

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