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    You use Gamemaker too?
    I was wondering if you would like to help me make my game?
    I've been working alone, and am having trouble scripting a smooth transition between overworlds. And the very very rare occasion where two people walk onto the same tile at the same (and I mean EXACT same) time. and I feel like there is something amiss with the battle damage calculation, but I just can't figure it out.
    other than that, the only major thing holding me back is the monotonous task of setting the rest of the pokemon base stats, images, moves, item images, person images, tilesets(8 by 8, the most tiring process), rooms, and move scripts. And adding the move pp, descriptions, pokedex data, exp rates, item uses, descriptions, and costs, and item types (key item, tm/hm, battle, ect.). Is there an easier way to do this w/o external resources(so that people don't mess with them).
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