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    Chapter 3 - Fang Yumigami - Vampire District

    I watched as the small girl hopped off of Kerin's lap, and stretched herself out. The way she yawned was simply adorable! She pulled the boy's parka closer as the chilly night air was made known by a small gust of wind.

    "Uuu. Kerin is sleeping on the bed! With me!" She gave a tired smile, and stumbled a bit. I held her lightly so she wouldn't trip. Well, at least her room was just underneath us... I lightly pressed Marisa ttowards the stairs, and she slowly stumbled over to get ready for bed. Now I had to deal with Shiro and her new cat... The kitchen better have something for the animal to eat... Because Shiro didn't look like she would be letting it go anytime soon. I felt sorry for the cat.

    The girl squished against the greenhouse, shook her head at Kerin's question. Like heck she ate anything! She didn't eat supper... She didn't eat on the helicopter, or even in the government building. She hadn't even had a blood tablet. Even if she did have a breakfast, I would be starving by this point if I was her. "No, thank you..." She declined politely, getting to her feet while still craddling the cat in her arms. Since when did she have manners? Oh, whatever.

    Sighing, I took her wrist when she walked over. Her bones were so damn prominent... Unconciously, I felt my hand at her ribcage. I narrowed my eyes. "Are you trying to starve yourself? Anorexia?"

    She shook her head quickly, but didn't say anything else. Ugh... Whatever. "Alright, fine..." I turn back to Kerin. "I'm taking her down. See you at breakfast, Kerin." I nodded at him, and dragged Shiro along down the stairs. Just before we escaped his view, it caught my attention, that Shiro turned back and waved slightly at him. Great. Lovely. When she wasn't psychotic, she was tugging at our heart strings. She wasn't that bad if she had her morphine... Which was very threatening.

    Because, a naive and drugged Shiro was more dangerous than a psychotic Shiro. Would I be able to kill her if she was like this? To protect Marisa or Kerin, maybe... But even then...

    Quietly, I slip ourselves into Marisa's room. Shiro recongnizes the place, but doesn't attempt to stop me from leading her out, and into the elevator. What really frightens me, is that I won't be able to kill Shiro unless she was psychotic and attacking one of my friends. So, what did that make her?

    Was she a friend, or an enemy?
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