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So what do you think? Are there any hints to remakes of the 3rd generation games, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald? Do you want a remake of these games? All these questions and more! Feel free to discuss the possibility of RSE remakes, what you'd like to see in them, things you feel hint at it, etc.

Do keep in mind, I'll be watching over this one more closely than the last. It got very hectic toward the end which caused me to lock it. So please know that discussing timeline, other games, anime, or anything else not closely related to the topic will be marked as spam and you will either receive a warning or infraction depending on how often it happens or how blatantly the rule is broken. It's fine to relate things to hints of the game, but please don't get off track with completely discussing other games or the anime. I will ban people from posting in the thread if things continue the way they did in the last, so please, let's not let that happen.

Get discussing!

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