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    *When Ghetsis, Maxie and Archie are peforming the same action all at once I'll call them GMA

    GMA and my pokemon collided biting, screeching, burning, freezing, poisoning and everything inbetween, the fight went on and the suddenly Maxie yelled "Camerupt use Lava Plume!" lava shot up out into the air and created a giant mist cloud making it hard to see which pokemon was which. The I saw Ghetsis' shadow run for the cave and Cohagrigus and Hydreigon return to their pokeballs. As the steam settled Maxie and Archie were gone, I followed Ghetsis into the cave.

    "Ghetsis!" I yelled, my echo could be heard through the whole cave, then Ghetsis stepped forward and clapped slowly "Well, well, well do you know why you're here Omega?" Ghetsis said in a sly attitude, "What are you trying to pull on us Ghetsis?" I replied. He paused then calmly explained "You know why you are here, you know why I am here. In fact you know why Torrent and Shadow are at the other lakes, and you want to know something you know where is someone who took Mespirit while Torrent wasn't looking." "What is this really about Ghetsis?" I stuttered slightly. He smirked and rubbed his plam against the cave wall.

    "You see Omega every since the dawn of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina these caves have existed. They floated in space for milleniums. These caves are technically extra-terrestrial, you know what I'm referring to there. Each cave contains a pokemon in it Azelf, Mespirit and Uxie respectively but you know there is something else in these caves don't you..." I paused, Ghetsis seemed to have a vast knowledge of my past travels in Sinnoh. "Yes but what are you implying?" I replied cautiously. Ghetsis simply answered "The portals to their realms are opened when the eye of the beholder is opened by light or darkness" suddenly he sent out his Hydreigon, it cast Dark Pulse making it impossible to see, before I knew what to do he was gone. I then heard a cry, Uxie.

    I ran over to Uxie, it was on the ground in a nightmare, its crystals had turned Golden-Yellow. This had happened before, when Giratina tried to use Uxie as a portal to enter the normal realm...

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