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    Eloquence of Terra: Interesting... but I don't see what these guys can do beyond walling and being anti-spell brigades. Monarch runs over most of them, and to top it off they don't always have their effects activate. None of the draw effects is really all that devastating, to be honest.

    Mondiad: Boring... at least Agate could combo with "Bad Reaction to Simochii". Seriously, Diamonds should get a better effect than a battle phase skip. Temporary immunity to destruction by battle for all "Terra" monsters, anyone?

    Pyrite: But where does the Terra monster come from? Hand, deck, where? 0_o

    Yonix: Is the wording here intentional? From the looks of things, this monster may be giving your opponent the ability to draw two cards (at least, that's how I understand the 'you may draw two cards'.) If that wasn't the intention, it might be best to specify that it's the owner of Yonix who gets to draw the cards...

    Jasper: Finally, a card with a pretty dang decent effect! Just a pity that Evil Hero-Malicious Edge is now available...

    Citrine: This card is the only thing that stops Malicious Edge from LOLing at these cards. He and Monarch can run them over (and Raiza still spins them back to the deck) but this guy provides a helpful fix, and never really dies since even if your opponent Heavy Storms it away while in spell form it still returns to your opponent's deck for more annoying fun. :3

    Enchanted Stone Crafting: So we can skip the annoying wait of getting our monster destroyed with this guy? Yayzorz.

    Hmm... this would have been a great walling set in the days pre-Malicious Edge, or whatever he's called. You know, that one-for-one if your opponent already has a monster 2600 attack point fiend with piercing damage? Yeah, that guy. He's this set's worst nightmare, because there's little they can wall against him with from monster power alone (not to mention the fact that Marshmallon and Spirit Reaper both become instant fail cards. You can tell I like this card, don't you?) He's definitely a major threat to this deck.

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