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    The issue you're describing is one of many well-known issues with Generation I. The type match-up reporting in regards to resistances of one type canceling out the secondary type's weakness was written in a way that the effectiveness message was based on the lowest-available entry in the type match-up list.

    As part of this issue, a move used on a dual-type Pokémon that is both immune to and either weak or resistant to that move's type (e.g. Dig used on Charizard, Golbat, or Zapdos) will cause the game to always report that the attack missed (which might cause certain players to spam the usage of X Accuracy.)
    Because of the rules of basic mathematics (anything multiplied by zero is zero), a type immunity posed by one type on a dual-type Pokémon that has its other type weak to the same opposing move is absolute and always enforces the type immunity.
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