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    Originally Posted by jonnyboy91 View Post
    I downloaded it just 2 days ago, shouldn't it not have this problem?
    If i download again, is it a must to restart?
    Sigh. I tested this again, and no, I'm stupid. The new one is still derpy. Ugh.
    Download that, unzip and stick the file in the Data folder, overwriting. Lemme know if that fixes it. Sorry

    Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
    Would it be possible to get some assistance with the puzzle surrounding the Lapis Gym?
    Well, you know from what one of the trainers tells you that the one on Shelly's balcony is the one to activate last. As a second hint, the computer on the front-right is the first one to start with, and you'll need to turn it off and on again as you complete the puzzle.
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