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Chapter Two

Brenda stuck her hand underneath Cherens jaw and moved it back up.

Dont be so surprised, she said, raising both eyebrows and raising her face. It would be more surprising if I chose a normal starter - thats just too mainstream.

Wait, so what starter are you choosing? Bianca asked, her face still bright from awe.

Hearing her cue, Brenda took out something out of her backpacks side pocket. With deliberately dramatic gestures, she turned her hand to show them what she was holding.

A pokeball? Whats inside it?

Silly friends. Its empty, Brenda grinned. Im on my way to catch my first partner.

C-catch your starter?

How will you do that? You dont have a pokemon to fight any encounters.

And the tall grass is dangerous without a pokemon! Oh Brenda, do reconsider.

Whats with you? Did Cherens Snivy worry-seed you?

Brenda gave gentle taps on both of her friends cheeks.

H-hm, Cheren cleared his throat, slightly coloring his face. Snivy doesnt learn worry seed, but that is beside the point.

Come on, dont worry about me, Brenda stretched her arms, one hand still holding the pokeball. If anyone can do it, thats me.

I will have to agree with that, said a voice that hadnt been in their conversation.

Professor Juniper!

I must say your request took me by surprise, because no one had ever asked me for a pokeball to catch a starter, the professor said. However, I have seen you in field work for many years, having taught you all some courses at the Pokeschool. Brenda has a natural ability to get along with pokemon.

See that, what did I tell you?

Then, Bianca chuckled silently.

What, Bianca? Still concerned about my abilities?

No, not at all. Im still worried for you, but I just happened to remember that time with the bouffalant.

Aah, yeah! When we went on a field trip to Flocessy Ranch, Cheren joined Bianca in laughing.

Stop it, you two. Its not that funny, you know, said Brenda, pouting.

Professor, you werent there, let me tell you. Two Bouffalant escaped the enclosure, and came charging toward us, Cheren started the anecdote, escaping Brendas hands which were directed to shut his mouth up. Everyone started running away, but guess what this headstrong youngster did?

I dont want to be called a headstrong youngster by a headstrong youngster, Brenda pointed her lips at his remark.

She stretched her arms like this, Cheren lengthened his arms sideways, and made a wide gap between his feet. And she said, come at me, if you dare!

Professor Juniper gasped, and he told her thats how everyone had reacted.

Fearless, reckless, Cheren continued. When I saw you doing that, I thought Id pass out from how fast my blood rushed down from my face.

What could I do? Running away is not my style.

Fortunately - and surprisingly - the Bouffalant stopped just an inch from her. All of us stood there in shock, while Brenda stoked one of the pokemons fluffy mane.

Cheren tried to keep a straight face while telling the story, but Bianca could not cooperate. She burst out laughing, but her laugh was reserved and barely audible.

Then, all of a sudden, the Bouffalant snuck their faces into Brendas pants front pockets, and ate all of her Mago berries in one bite!

Not funny! They didnt even ask me if I wanted to share, Brenda said with a louder voice than her friends combined laughter. At this point, Professor Juniper was also snickering.

What was it that she shouted? Asked Cheren to Bianca.

Come back here, you thieves! Give me back my snacks, pair of ugly cows!

The worst part was that one of the Bouffalant didnt like sweet berries, and got all confused, running in all directions. We had to run away from the bull while our bellies hurt from all the laughing.

Thanks, fake-friends, Brenda turned away from them. Im going to catch my starter, and youll see how cool Ill be. Just watch.

The four of them ventured off to Route 1, where the other youngsters had already went ahead on their journey, and were almost invisible by now.

The trees lining the path were blooming in pink, flaunting the sweet perfume that its flowers released. The way to Accumula Town was covered in tall grass, which swayed in the breeze, and made rustling sounds in waves.

The three teenagers and their professor walked over to the nearest patch of tall grass.

We have your back, Bianca reassured her friend, as she readied herself to jump into the grass.

If you run into trouble, well step in with our pokemon, Cheren joined.

Thanks, but I wont need your help. Just watch the professional, Brenda replied with a smirk.

She stood in front of the patch of tall grass, and took a couple of deep breaths.

She noticed that the grass, as high in length as her waist, trembled from time to time.

Pokemon, here I go.

Two steps in, and nothing happened.

Brenda looked back at her friends who seemed more nervous than herself, and tried to comfort them with a confident smile. Then, she turned back to her business.

At that moment, a wild pidove flew out of the grass, almost crashing into her face in self-defense.

In an attempt to dodge the attack, Brenda moved to the side, but missed her step, and fell on her back.

Her friends came running over to check on her.

Are you alright?

Im fine, Im fine.

Indeed, she was fine. The fall had somehow not hurt as much as she expected.

She stood up, and in doing so, she was startled to find a blue-colored pokemon lying still on the ground.

Oh no, I think I squashed the small guy when I fell, Brenda told her friends.

She then lowered herself back again, and turned the pokemon to see its front side. Upon doing so, she realized it was a riolu, but he was not responding to his bodys movement. Brenda patted its cheek, to no avail.

I think hes dead!

Dont be silly, Brenda, Cheren shouted. Pokemon dont die from a mere body slam. Its probably unconscious, thats all.

Nows your chance. Catch him before he wakes up, Bianca urged.

Right, Brenda tightened her face, showing a serious side her friends had rarely seen. Pokeball, do your work!

The ball hit the stomach of the sleeping pokemon, and immediately closed with its target within.

One shake, two shakes.

All four of them were so concentrated on watching the ball sway, that they almost forgot to breathe. Brenda, especially, had her eyes widened so much that they could pop out of their sockets at any moment.

One last shake occurred in slow motion, and a little sound let her know the good news.

I-I did it, her voice came out at a high pitch, because her throat was dry. I caught my first pokemon!