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Chapter Three

“Brenda, send him out. We have to treat him,” Bianca reminded Brenda, but the girl was still clenching her pokeball in a trance.

Bianca, Cheren and Professor Juniper ran closer to the patch of grass Brenda was standing in, and Cheren snapped his fingers in front of her face.

“Wake up, Brenda. Your partner is fainted.”

Brenda’s unfocused eyes suddenly widened, and the realization that she had caught her first pokemon sunk into her again.

“Yes, right away,” she said, and pressed the pokeball’s button.

It opened, and the riolu was sent out again, in the same position that it had been caught.

“Brenda, here,” Professor Juniper offered her a potion and a pink triangular berry.

“Your Riolu is not fainted, but it was hurt and looks like it is confused.”

Brenda sprayed the riolu’s body all over, and broke the persim berry into small pieces that could fit into his mouth.

The Pokémon reacted to the taste of the berry, and began chewing the pieces slowly.

“Riolu, are you alright?”

The riolu rubbed his right eye, and finally started to regain focus. However, he was visibly surprised to see that he was surrounded by four unfamiliar humans.

He jumped off, and raised both arms in a defensive stance.

“We're not going to hurt you,” said Bianca, but the riolu was still shaken.

“I'm your trainer now,” Brenda stepped forward, and showed him the pokeball that caught him.

The bipedal pokemon did not change his stand for a while, but then he approached the pokeball that had been held out with utmost precaution. He looked at it up close, sniffed at it and found his own smell, which made him hop away in surprise.

However, when he looked back at Brenda, she could tell that his eyes were by no means content with the realization.

“Brenda,” Professor Juniper finally spoke up. “It is very hard for new trainers to befriend their pokemon on first acquaintance. That is why each region has chosen three starters with basic characteristics, which are pokemon with more easygoing natures.”

The professor’s intent was perhaps vague, and Bianca could not tell whether Brenda had understood it or not, since she was looking down at the riolu, and her bangs were hiding her face from her position. There was some silence, though, so Bianca took the cue and added her opinion.

“Yes, forget about what we said earlier. There is nothing to be ashamed about, if you want to release your riolu, and get a starter like us.”

Brenda took a deep breath and raised her head.

Unlike what her friends expected, she was smiling even more brightly than her usual.

“Why are you all so gloomy? Cheer up,” she said, stretching her right arm upwards. “I don’t intend on giving up on my wild starter just yet. Not ever! His and my fate crossed roads, and I’m not willing to look back at this moment with regret, which is what I’ll definitely do if I give up today.”

Then, she lowered herself closer to the riolu, and looked at him at eye-level.

“Nice to meet you. You might not like me now, but you will,” she said and winked.

The riolu was puzzled, but then crossed his arms and looked to his side with contempt.

Brenda scratched the side of her face, and then snapped her fingers.

“You know what? I’ll give you a gift, right here and now. I shall give you a name.”

“Do you have a name in mind, or would you like to brainstorm?” asked Cheren.

“Sorry pals, of course I have a name in mind. I’ve planned everything since ages ago.”

“I bet you also planned your wild encounter too,” Cheren smirked.

“Funny,” Brenda squinted her eyes at him.

Looking back at the riolu, Brenda sensed that although he appeared to be ignoring her, his attention was still directed at her. Or at least, his left ear was.

“The best pokemon needs the best name,” she told him. “And what better name than one that takes part of the best trainer’s name?”

At this point, she paused as was customary for her when she wanted to build suspense. However, this time there was a secondary purpose. She wanted to prove to herself that her partner was indeed listening.

Half a minute passed, but she said no word. Cheren was about to ask her the name (more specifically, he was going to say “don’t keep us waiting so long, or we’ll grow old without knowing his name”), but when she heard him take a breath to speak, she immediately placed her index finger over her mouth for a split second, quickly enough so that she wouldn’t be caught in the act if the riolu happened to glance her way.

When a full minute had elapsed, when at last she saw the riolu take a sneak peak so subtle, that had Brenda not been paying full attention at his every move, she would have missed it entirely.

The riolu, realizing that he’d fallen into the trap, quickly looked away, but the damage had been done.

“You are curious about your name,” Brenda laughed, full of satisfaction. “Then we shall not delay this matter any longer.”

She took the riolu’s hand in both of hers.

“Ren, today you’ve caught a partner and made a friend.”