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Chapter Four

Probably the one caught most off-guard was Cheren. So much so that his quick wit was surpassed by Bianca’s reaction.

“So you’re naming him Ren?” she asked. “You said you were taking it from part of the best trainer’s name. Could you mean Cheren’s?”

Hearing his thoughts out-loud, Cheren’s face instantly turned a bright pink. He looked away, as to conceal half of his face.

Without any notice of his mind, however, Brenda bursted out laughing.

“I didn’t realize that his name also contained a ‘Ren’,” she said.

The two other youngsters batted their eyes, and Professor Juniper only smiled.

“As much as I esteem you,” Brenda told Cheren. “You just aren’t the best trainer, and won’t be, as long as I, Brenda, live.”

She wiped off her tears, product of her laughter.

Cheren, turning even more red, snapped back, “You just see, I’ll become the best trainer, and I’ll make you take back your words.”

“That’s a challenge I’ll accept,” Brenda winked.

“Well then, now that we have sorted all the starter business out,” Bianca said. “I think it’s time for us to leave Nuvema Town. Thanks for everything, Professor.”

“Thank you too, for making me a proud teacher and professor. I hope your journey will be thrilling and nurturing for you and your pokemon.”

“I’m sure it’ll be, I’m going to force it to be so,” Brenda said, forming a fist on her right hand.

“Do please keep yourselves safe, though,” Professor Juniper chuckled.

Cheren stepped forward, with a hand on his chest.

“No worries, I’ll, erm, keep an eye on the rowdy child,” he replied, and pushed his glasses up his nose bridge.

“Stop treating me like a child! I’m already fourteen years old, you know.”

“Well, I’m fifteen, and therefore your senpai.”

“Only by a month,” she said, and bit her fist.

“Now, now,” Professor Juniper said. “And do expect a call from me on your birthday, Brenda.”

“Thank you.”

“If any of you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me. I’ll go back to the lab now.”

“Good bye, Professor.”

The trio then waved their hands to the professor, as she returned to Nuvema Town.

“Ok, let’s go then,” Cheren said, and Bianca followed.

“Wait guys,” Brenda called them back.

“What is it,” Bianca asked her, concerned because her friend looked uneasy.

“I- I won’t be going with you guys.”

Bianca widened her eyes, and Cheren, who is usually composed in any situation, looked as though he’d been hit on the head with a rock.

“What do you mean?” he whispered, but since none of his friends could hear him, Bianca asked the same question loudly.

“If I said it’s because I need to befriend Ren, and wouldn’t want to slow you guys down, that’d be a lie. The truth is, I want to learn to survive by myself. To make many mistakes, and always stand back up, with only my two legs to depend on.”

Brenda scratched her neck, and let out an uncomfortable laugh.

“I feel I’ll end up depending on you guys too much, as I’ve done all my life up until now. That’s why, I want to go my separate way. Ren only gave me a reason to make up my mind.”

Her two friends were visibly disappointed, but in the end, they smiled.

“We understand,” Bianca said. “But I think I’ve depended on you more than you’ve depended on me. I think I would like to learn to be independent too.”

“Yeah, it wouldn’t be that different if we hung out with the same old friends,” Cheren laughed.

“Thanks guys, you’re the best! Now, let’s go. Our way is still the same until the end of Route 1.”

Cheren and Bianca started walking, and Brenda looked back at her Riolu, who had been watching them talk for a while.

“Ren, let’s go,” Brenda stretched her hand to him, but Ren looked away with a dissatisfied growl. “You know, you will look back to this day someday, and think ‘man, I was stupid for disliking my trainer, for she’s awesomeness all around’. I just know it!”

She scooped Ren up with both arms, and placed him on top of her shoulders.

“When my father visited me as a child, he’d pick me up like this and say, ‘Brenda, if you shift your view a little, look at how different your world seems, even though it’s the same old Nuvema Town you’ve known your whole life’.”

Ren growled and complained by flailing his legs and pulling Brenda’s hair, but rather delicately.

“My father can’t do this now, of course, since I’m a grown girl, but I can do it to you. Now, I don’t think I’ll be able to once you evolve into a Lucario, so take it as a limited-time offer.”

The pokemon still kept pulling on her hair, which wasn’t hurting, but was still annoying.

“Stop that, I won’t be letting you down, whatever you try,” Brenda laughed, and started running.

Midway to Accumula Town, Brenda ran past her two friends, who had paused to battle some wild pokemon.

“Slowpokes, I’m winning the race,” she said as she waved back at them.

“Since when is this a race?” Cheren shouted back, but Brenda couldn’t hear from her own laughter.

“Brenda, she’s a really amazing girl,” Bianca commented.

“Amazing and carefree, a toxic combination, if you ask me,” Cheren sighed.

“I… I don’t want to lose,” Bianca smiled, and began running after her childhood friend.

“Wait, Bianca, Brenda! Agh, these girls,” Cheren complained, but also smiled.

At the entrance of Accumula Town, Brenda, and then Bianca, stopped to wait for their last friend.

After a little pause, Brenda spoke up.

“Here’s where we part ways. Let’s try to cut all the cheesy stuff, and-”

She was cut short by Bianca’s sudden embrace, which surprised both Brenda and Ren alike.

“I’ll miss you Brenda, I don’t know how I’ll live without you.”

“Now, now. This is what I meant by-”

“Cheesy or not, I just can’t imagine myself without you. You’ve been a constant in my life.”

“I have been, haven’t I?” Brenda laughed. “But it’s not like we won’t be seeing each other often. After all, we’ll be taking on the same Unova League, at a similar pace.”

“I know but,” Bianca tightened her embrace. “It won’t be all the time. At least let me give you an extra long hug, so I may live without seeing you for a while.”

“Ok, ok, but don’t tighten anymore, I can’t breathe.”

“Oh sorry,” Bianca let go, and wiped her face. “I think I got carried away.”

“No worries. I’ll be missing you too, for a while.”

Once Brenda and Bianca had stopped their dramatic parting scene, Cheren stepped in, and placed a small bag on both of their hands.

“What’s this, Cheren?” Brenda asked, and then opened the bag to find two potions, a container of pecha, cheri and chesto berries, another container of pokemon food, and some human snack bars.

“All this for us?” Bianca exclaimed. “Thank you, Cheren.”

“Cheren, always the well-prepared senpai of the group,” Brenda laughed.

“Please don’t do anything stupid when I’m not around, or actually, also when I’m around,” Cheren scratched his head.

Brenda then gave him a quick hug, which caught him largely off-guard. Ren had to hold on tight to Brenda’s ponytail, in order to conserve balance.

“I will, I’m not stupid,” she stretched a thumbs up inches from his blank face.

“Now, I’m off to explore the world!”

Brenda raised her hand, and waved at her friends while running away in the direction of the Pokemon Center.

The two who stayed behind, watched in silence as Brenda, with Ren still on her shoulders, entered the Center, and were off their sight.

Bianca glanced at Cheren, who was still looking in that direction, his face’s redness just starting to fade.

“Your feelings are obvious,” Bianca commented, which woke Cheren from the trance.

“Huh? Ah, well. They don’t seem to be, though.”

“With Brenda… Let’s say you’ll need more than a subtle coloration of the face to get to her.”

Leaving that thought with him, Bianca also waved her hand, and went off her way.