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After a few battles along Route 3, Brenda and her partners made it to Nacrene City, just in time for dinner.

Thanks to winning against the Gym Leaders and the trainers, Brenda had accumulated enough money to buy a nice banquet - however, to avoid a mishap like in Accumula Town, she decided not to eat in, but take out the food, and eat inside their room at the Pokemon Center.

She greeted the other two girls who were sharing the room with her, and she and her pokemon ate happily, after a day of excitement and change.

The next morning, she was up and ready to go.

Gym Leader Lenora uses normal type pokemon. This should be an easy fight for us, Ren.

Yes, last night before sleeping, she had checked the Unova League manual, to make sure she was not mistaken.

Brenda lifted Rens empty pokeball, and the other which contained Leaf inside. She gave Leafs pokeball a little kiss, and promised to train her for her debut in Castelia City.

Look at this place, Brenda said as the Pokemon Center doors closed behind her. I dont know why its called a city. It has a nice town-feel to it.

Indeed, the small wooden houses and the remains of an old railroad, all surrounded by pine trees, made her feel as though she were visiting an extension to Nuvema Town. In her mind, Nacrene City was less city-like than Accumula Town, even though it did house more people.

Brenda and Ren walked north of the Pokemon Center, where the supposed Gym was located.

They passed by the restaurant they ordered food from the day before, and noticed that a couple of guitarists were playing some peaceful tunes in the terrace.

The Gym was not located far from there, but she would have missed it entirely, had the League manual not given her a heads up that it was inside a museum.

Ready? Ren, lets go, she said as she walked forward. I hope there are few challengers this morning.

As she talked to Ren, she forgot to watch where she was going, and bumped into someone.

Sorry, I wasnt paying attention, she apologized.

Then she raised her head, to see at whom she was talking to.

Oh but isnt it N! she exclaimed, happy to see a familiar face. Remember me? We met two days ago.

N was also surprised, but he pushed his black cap down, and just replied with a yes.

Do you want to see a new addition to my team? Brenda offered, but since she did not receive a reply, she went ahead and released her Leaf.

The little larva turned its neck sideways, and then looked up to see the green-haired man.

Dont you think shes cute? Her name is Leaf, and I got her as a present by one most adorable preschooler.

N nodded, but refrained from commenting.

Brenda pressed the pokeball, and made Leaf to return.

You know, when I heard you had battled at the Striaton Gym, I couldnt believe it. Thats because you said your Zorua disliked battling, and I assumed you wouldnt be interested in taking on the Unova League, Brenda carried on with the slightly one-sided conversation.

I realized that for me to accomplish my ideals, N said. Sitting around would amount to nothing. Zo also agrees, so we are battling Gym Leaders to gain strength.

Thats great! Then now were officially friends with similar interests, and rivals who aim to be the very best!

No, N replied. We do not have similar interests.

Really? I think we do. We both are taking on the Unova League. We both love our pokemon. We both are young, with hopes and dreams awaiting for us. Isnt that like, 90% of what constitutes you and I? Cheren, Bianca, you, me, and all other fresh trainers are similar, Id say.

Brenda stretched her arms wide, to emphasize the dimensions of what she spoke of.

The way she looked so happy arguing for their similarities may have caught N off-guard, but if he was awed by it, his stance did not show it.

Instead, he kept silent for a moment, and then closed his eyes.

Sometimes the 10% difference is what truly matters, he said, and walked past Brenda.

Hey, Brenda turned. Did you already battle Lenora? Were there many trainers waiting in line?

N stopped, and looked back at her.

I battled her, and lost. She should be free to battle you now.

With that, N disappeared in the direction of Route 4, leaving a wide-eyed girl behind.

Its ok, Brenda reminded Ren. Weve got type advantage, while he didnt.

They entered the museum, and asked one of the ladies at the counter whether she would have to pay an entrance fee, though she was only there to battle the Gym Leader. To tell the truth, she had bought too many expensive dishes the day before, so she was rather running low on cash.

Fortunately, that was not the case for anyone, since the museum was subsidized by the government and some sponsors to open its doors to the public at no cost.

The Gym is at the end of the museum, the lady said. Just go straight down from here.

Brenda thanked her, and walked with quick footsteps in that direction.

In front of the stairs that led to the Gym entrance, a rock of roughly the size of her two fists combined caught her eye. The rock was a perfect orb, which despite being pitch black, was made of a material that reflected the light well.

Somehow this rock doesnt look old enough to be in a museum. Dont you think so? she asked Ren, but he had paid no attention to the rock, and was already waiting for her at the top of the stairs.

She soon joined him, and found herself inside a small library that smelt like old books all around.

Hello, a middle-aged gentleman spoke to her. Challengers to the Nacrene City Gym, I suppose?

Yes, we are, Brenda said, stretching her arm to pose with a peace sign.

In this Gym, we will present you with two questions. Each question is an excerpt from a book, and has two possible answers. Depending on your choice, you shall battle two of the four Gym trainers.

The gentleman led her through the many bookshelves, to an area where four trainers were reading books.

Oh, another challenger?

I guess its the season of pokeschool graduations, so well be getting many one after another.

Two of the trainers placed bookmarks on their books, and stood up from the table, holding them so their titles were visible to Brenda. One of the books was titled The Biology of Meowth while the other was Dissertation On the Diet of Aipom in Unova.

Here is your first question, the gentleman said, taking out a piece of paper from his pocket. This pokemon shows a strong preference for Nanab berries; however, these berries are not native in Unova, and therefore scarce. As such, this pokemon shows signs of adaptation to eat other varieties.

Well, its certainly about diet, so I believe its an excerpt from the Dissertation.

Correct, answered the young girl, putting the book on the table. So I shall battle you now.

The gentleman pressed a button close to the window, and slowly but steadily the bookshelves started turning and moving apart, so to make space for a pokemon battle.

The girl threw her pokeball, and it released an Aipom.

This is an interesting set up for a Gym, Brenda admired. I bet if Id chosen the wrong book, Id have battled a Meowth.

Yes, thats right. Lenora wants to encourage the building of knowledge from books, so she thought of this little game.

When Ren took his place, the battle began.

Aipoms are fast, but not enough for Ren, Brenda talked to herself. Ren, use vacuum wave!

The target was hit, but somehow it seemed to do less damage than what Brenda expected.

Why? Its a super-effective STAB attack, Brenda was confused.

Aipom, use fury swipes, the girl ordered.

Ren was scratched three times, but managed to dodge the fourth one.

Both trainers repeated the same moves twice, though fury swipes hit only twice on the third round, resulting in Rens victory due to a matter of speed.

Seeing how tired Ren had been left after a one-on-one match against a normal type left Brenda puzzled. However, she hoped that perhaps chances were the Aipom had been born with unusually excellent battling genes.

Her suspicions were confirmed when she battled a Sentret after answering correctly to the question, its balance is so great, it can balance its whole body on its tail.

Ren was able to take out the opponent in a few minutes. This calmed Brenda a little.

Once their battling was concluded, the gentleman guided her to a hidden staircase beneath a bookcase, which he again activated by pressing a button on the shelf itself.

Good luck, young one, he said, and bowed.

Thank you, Brenda replied as Ren and her went down the stairs.

The smell of old books intensified the more steps she took, but finally she touched the underground floor.

Welcome, challenger, Lenora greeted, raising her eyes from a thick book she was holding. I am Lenora of the Nacrene City Gym. I hope you have prepared yourself with extensive reading.

Lenoras teal colored ponytail, which matched the color of her eyes, bobbed as she walked over to a table to leave her book and come back to face Brenda.

The seasoned Gym Leader sent out a Herdier, and Brenda hurried Ren to take his position.

The battle started with Rens priority move, vacuum wave.

His move hit the Herdiers face, and he was blown away a good number of steps back, but otherwise the attack seemed not to have cut his stamina a lot. Instead, just as soon as he was able to, he charged forward and hit Ren with full force.

The attack injured both parties, but Ren seemed to have received a stronger damage.

Ren, use counter! Brenda commanded, crossing her fingers that another take down attack would not knock him out.

Ren braced himself for another attack, which did come.

Fortunately, Ren barely made it this round, and was able to take out the Herdier with counter.

Good, Ren, Brenda said, wiping a little sweat from her forehead. Ill heal you this coming round.

Lenora let out a Watchog.

As promised, Brenda healed Ren fully, and he was refreshed, ready for the last battle till a new badge.

Ok Ren, lets use counter again, Brenda said, and Ren obeyed.

Finish him, Lenora commanded. Use retaliate!

The Watchog ran with incredible speed, and stopped in front of Ren, only to punch him a couple of times, and deal a final kick that sent him flying to the wall.

Ren! Brenda ran towards him, but upon reaching him, she realized that he had been knocked out.

The blood drained from her face, as she returned Ren to his pokeball.

Her instinct was to forfeit, and leave the place as soon as possible, but as per battling rules, leaving the battle midway was not permitted.

Sorry, Leaf. I didnt want your debut to be this dull, Brenda whispered at Leafs pokeball.

Then, she hesitantly released her onto the battlefield.

As expected, a crunch from the Watchog was all Leaf needed to be knocked out.

Brenda fell to her knees, with a blank expression.

Watchog, return, Lenora said.

She walked across the field, gently scooped the fainted newborn larva, and approached the teenager.

Dont be so sad, Lenora sighed. Here, you should bring your pokemon to the PC. I will be awaiting for a rematch.

Lenora placed Brendas Leaf on her arms, and helped her stand back up.

Sometimes type matchup is not all that defines a pokemon battle, Lenora advised, and returned back to her study.

Brenda turned her back to Lenora, and stepped toward the exit.

A little tear fell onto Leafs forehead, but Brenda wiped her cheek as soon as she felt it caress her face.

Review for Chapter 1

This is pretty standard as far as journey fics go, but there was just something about it;a certain charm it has, that kept me reading. For starters, I already like the chemistry you've established between the characters in the first chapter, with Brenda being a stand in for Hilda/Hilbert, however, you did well in making this not just be Pokmon BW, but with an oc character.

I enjoyed Brenda's personality to be honest. I always like me my bubbly protagonists. I'm curious to see all the ways that you could develop her as a character as she ventures out into the joys, sorrows and hardships outside her home. I'll pick this up again to see what happens next. I get the feeling it's gonna be fun.
Late as hecc but thanks for reading :D This is actually my first time writing a long fanfic (I only wrote a short story on the Hunger Games once ehehe~) so I chose to go relatively simple with the OC being a literal stand-in for Hilda/Hilbert. I think when I revisit the whole story for a second draft, I'll make her more my OC, but for the time being I'm hoping the story is interesting just with her quirky personality. I have written some original work, and for some reason I can never like my MCs much... but Brenda is special :P I love Brenda. I just wish I had as much motivation to keep writing this story as I have for other stuff like story-based pokemon fangame runs which gets 10X more attention and encouraging comments. Not that I'd stop midway- BW is my fave pokemon story, and I have a noice plan for it, so I'm happy to go on for myself alone! xD