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    Originally Posted by ~Teh Panda~ View Post
    I'm sorry but this hack in my opinion is somewhat graphically unappealing and very strewn about. First of all your maps, I mean come on those are simply horrid. The first route is just grass strewn everywhere with a few paths and its just blehh.... I could not see terrain like that at all ever.

    As soon as I got in game I was just turned off.

    While your scripting seems to be pretty good I really would stress the importance of graphics.

    Although it seems enough of PC has fallen in love with this... I myself find this to be sub-par...

    Sorry to sound so rude but this hack in my opinion is horrid.
    I agree that visually this game is a massive eye-sore, but it is very well put together. The scripts are amazing to say the least.
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