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    Originally Posted by ~Teh Panda~ View Post
    I'm sorry but this hack in my opinion is somewhat graphically unappealing and very strewn about. First of all your maps, I mean come on those are simply horrid. The first route is just grass strewn everywhere with a few paths and its just blehh.... I could not see terrain like that at all ever.

    As soon as I got in game I was just turned off.

    While your scripting seems to be pretty good I really would stress the importance of graphics.

    Although it seems enough of PC has fallen in love with this... I myself find this to be sub-par...

    Sorry to sound so rude but this hack in my opinion is horrid.
    I'm not a mapper, and all the routes are simply based on the anime and I did the best I could. That being said, myself personally, I don't think that routes make or break a hack, and neither do graphics. Most of the graphics haven't been changed, and the ones that have are, imo, at least decent enough to tolerate. The focus of the hack is to recreate the events of the anime. My main area of skill is scripting, and since I have no team members for anything else, I'm left to carry that burden as well. I tried to start a team, but no one was interested. So the hack is what it is - my best attempt at an anime hack, replicating the events of the anime with as perfect accuracy as possible, with all the skills I have at my disposal.

    Originally Posted by Bulbasaurus Rex View Post
    I'm currently stuck at Sabrina. Unless I do some massive level grinding to get Pikachu from L26 to L41 or so, so that I can outspeed Kadabra and Thunder Wave it, it's impossible for me to win (unless I could somehow get 3 critical hits in a row with Pikachu's and Pidgeotto's Quick Attacks with help from my Revive). Is there anything I'm missing to get Haunter to come back and get Kadabra to incapacitate itself laughing?
    You have to beat her. Paralysis is probably the best way to go.

    Back at Maiden's Peak, is there some way to identify Gastly?
    Talk to the statue and go talk to the old woman/the man at the house (I forget which one triggers it, I think the old woman, as she gives you a Spell Tag) and then talk to the statue again.

    By the way, you do know that Ash's Butterfree is almost certainly a boy (seeing as it went after a pink Butterfree), right? Oh, and "seven" in Spanish is "siete," not "sieta." Since when does Misty's Staryu know Counter, and shouldn't Jessie's Ekans/Arbok know Dig?
    Misty's Staryu does know Counter. It uses it in that episode:'s_Staryu

    At first, I started my game as a girl to see what would happen, and I like how you used the "Ashley" disguise, but the pajama sprite is still Ash, and you turn back into Ash when you get dressed after getting Pikachu. Also, the female battle sprite has color issues.
    I don't want anyone to choose the girl. It's called AshGray for a reason. :)

    Any thoughts on forcing us to release Butterfree? I saved, released it to see the scene (the other Butterfree should be pink), and reloaded the save so I could keep it. By the way, that jerk with the Raticate messed up Butterfree's moveset. Unless the Move Relearner is in the current version, I've lost Butterfree's Sleep Powder.
    I don't want to force you to release Butterfree, because it was a choice that Ash made. I don't think it's necessary to force you to release it if you don't want to. And I couldn't make the trade work (at least with the trade animation happening) and return your Butterfree to you. I would have to use the Storage system and give you a Raticate without a trade actually happening.

    Do you think you could give us access to some Everstones, as I've gotten tired of canceling the evolutions every time Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle gain a level? Yes, Charmander is supposed to evolve, but there's no point in doing that before the hack gets expanded to "Charizard Chills."
    Since Squirtle and Charmander never make active decisions not to evolve, I don't think I'm going to give Everstones for them. Bulbasaur receives one in the Mysterious Garden.
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