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    Nintendo Fangame Convention

    Well everyone, I've been looking forward to this day for months. Please visit the Nintendo Fangame Convention where there's plenty going on. Alternatively, go straight to the Booths Page
    to see all the fantastic work everyone has been putting in.

    ...Although then again, if you're just interested in my game, why not go direct to My Game Booth for plenty or exclusive content, which won't be added to this thread until after the Convention has finished. So if you want to see soem new exciting content, head on over!

    I would also like to proudly announce the revelation of Blu the Pikablu, the other main character of Pokémon: Lost and Found, who, before the events of the game, was a human and was somehow turned into a Pokémon. There is a whole page on him at my booth so head on over there!

    ...Well, I said I wouldn't post anything here, but I couldn't reisit posting the trailer, could I? Enjoy!

    Enjoy the Convention, support me by posting lots and lots here and there, vote for my game etc. Do your bit!

    And now I'm off for a conveniently planned short holiday. Will be back before the weekend and start doing some more game work then!

    See ya!

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