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    Jimmy Vincent

    Jimmy said nothing as the new girl introduced herself and helped him get back on his feet. Even though the girl said that she was there to help and that she would not hurt him, he was not going to let his guard down, not one bit. And especially not after what happened to him. He made an angry face as he remembered that the Suicune Dorm kids did to him, which, coupled with all the pain he was feeling, made him look quite scary. Then he returned to reality and heard the girl's question.

    "What kid? One with a blue jacket?" Jimmy replied, "Where'd he go? I'm gonna make him pay!"

    He tried to run outside, but his right leg stopped him using pain upon taking his first step. Back on the floor again and trying not to scream, he crawled over to the odd rock and held on to it. But the odd rock was oddly light, and Jimmy ended up lying face up on the rocky floor with the odd rock on his chest and surrounded by his arms.

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