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    Listen, Kiyoko!
    Further Explanation is Needed...

    ~The Boy's Shocking Ability!~


    "My real name is Natural Harmonia Gropius. But many simply know me and address me only by the name of 'N'. I am... I guess you could say about 20, Tell me though... What's your name? Why were those R men after you?"

    "And why do you talk with two voices?"

    He looked at them both, first facing the green-haired man. "Konnichi wa En-san, namae wa Kiyoko dess." as they hear "Greetings, N. My name is Kiyoko." He remembered the second question and he suddenly got very quiet, pressing his index fingers together nervously. He simply replied, "... J-jikken..." and "... E-experiments..." He quickly turned to the Zoroark, and replied, TO Zoroark, hearing what Zoroark had grumbled. He simply repeated "Jikken..." and "Experiment..."

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