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    Annalise wondered just a tad about this one. He had some size to him, but rather than flaunt it in intimidating fashion as she'd seen some of the larger students do, he rather leaned to some level of impeccable manner. It was...refreshing, if not its own form of intimidating to her. She always expected pleasantries, she had been raised on nothing more, after all...still, her small island manners didn't seem to compare with whatever place he hailed from.

    Before her head could make her wander even further, she was once again dragged back to the here-and-now and blinked a bit. What subject had they come in for? Hands resting neatly behind her back, she looked around for a bit, trying to form the right words before she finally had it. "Well I don't know why Elizabeth was in here, but as for me, I just needed a break from my room. I suppose I would have found a history book and read up on it, but I met her when I got here. I can't complain, it's always nice to see her and...oh!"

    She quickly turned to Elizabeth and bowed apologetically. "We were talking about getting you a bite to eat, weren't we? I'm sorry, think your stomach can hold out just a bit longer? Don't worry, I'll honor my promise to you." She smiled warm, but the awkward sense was there. Sheer 'whoops' was dancing around her head now. Her companion would just need to wait a little bit longer, no harm done, right?

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