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    After receiving Omega's message, I set into action. First, I went to the Pokemon center and switched out some of my Pokemon. I went outside to be blasted backwards by a lightning strike. Picking myself up, I choose two poke balls and threw them. "Swampert, Electivire, let's go!" They came out with a burst of light. "Please protect me from the lightning until we can make it to Mesprit's cave." They nodded. On the way, lightning flashed every few seconds and Swampert nullified it or Electivire stored it for later. We got to the lake and I was horrified at what i saw. The whole lake swarmed with electricity, and it seemed like the lightning struck more frequently.

    "Quagsire, Gastrodon, let's do it! Electivire, hop on Gastrodon, and please take us to that cave." I got on Swampert, careful not to touch the water, when I spotted something wrong ahead. There was a boat docked. Uh oh. As we got to shore, I called out a Pokemon. I might need her for later... I rushed inside to find Mesprit inside a force field cage with Tabitha standing next to her. "Took you long enough. I was getting worried." His Mightyena growled and Crobat screeched. "Looks like my Pokemon want a battle. Lets go. I have time." Swampert looked at me, and I understood. Gastrodon, Quagsire return! Swampert and Electivire, stand by for battle."
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