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    Originally Posted by CodeHelmet View Post
    Guys, youre going off on a tangent. Rather than debating what you classify as Filler, youre arguing over what Pokemon happens to be with regards to its target audience. Might be wise to go to VM/PM or create your own debate topic on the subject.
    Fine, fair point.

    In any case, regarding filler, like I said, if it doesn't involve captures, evolutions, new character debuts for at the very least major recurring characters if not main cast members, leagues, gym battles (or similar activities therein), evil teams, or any character development in any way (lesson-learning, overcoming fears, revealing fears, learning some backstory, etc., etc.), it's filler. In the case of movies, anything that neither explicitly is outside continuity (eg, Movie 20 and 21) nor does it get referred to in the Anime at least once under any capacity can qualify as filler.

    Of course, since AG didn't actually have Ash increase in rank in Hoenn, not to mention the closest he has to an actual major accomplishment in the saga, Battle Frontier, got treated as a complete joke immediately afterward and since then, and then May got replaced with Dawn only for her to do the exact same goal as her, I'd argue that AG, even WITH the above, is practically filler in all but name.
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