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    Now, now, now...what's all this, then? Still no new card comments here? Looks like I'll have to do something about that myself, then.

    Primal Armored Core: You can just go with "unaffected by your opponent's card effects". Hmm...full effect immunity is interesting, I'll give it that, but then the monster itself has fairly low stats so there shouldn't be any balance issues with this. Nice card, one that could actually reap some serious benefit from those old Atk up equips too. =O

    Reboot: Gadget love? Well, I guess it's a way to recycle searchable machines, and I certainly see no obvious exploits for this, so it's fair enough at least.

    Plug-in Field: Ugh...this looks a bit too situational for me since it's dependent on the monster types your opponent plays and is essentially just a one-sided DNA Surgery. System Down/Machine Control Virus follow-up could be a potential exploit route, but then that's kind of not worth protecting this card for. (though I suppose your opponent might not feel such a pressing need to get rid of it either). Still, whatever serves your RPing needs.

    Kojima Burst: Ahh...I do believe I see the follow-up here. xD Ehh...not too hot, really, as we could just play Lightning Vortex to wipe the field without needing a specific continuous trap or battle destruction for support.

    Psycho Parasite: A-counter spread is always good for these critters, though I see that the parasite is also faithful to their line of terribly low stats.

    Psycho Shocktrooper: The second effect is sort of confusing...did you mean "This card can only attack the selected monster"? Because that's going to cause conflicts if you've used this effect multiple turns in a row without wiping the target out each turn (thus establishing multiple 'target only me' monsters). Maybe limit that second effect to only apply for the turn you place the A-Counter on? Anyways, much-needed size increase for these (as it's an effective 1700+ because of the effect), though it's still a bit...lacking.

    Psycho Mother: Now this is evil, actually. In combo with A-Zone, this means everything your opponent summons is liable to get spun right back to your deck and burn you in the process, creating a draw lock similar to Jackal Control. It's insect, too, so we have lots of special summon methods at our disposal. (Pinch Hopper, Gigaplant and Insect Imitation come to mind here)

    Psycho Nought: Oh come now, we already have Newdoria which just plain trumps this on every front. Maybe have it do something a bit more substantial in compensation for the bother of spreading those A-counters?

    Psycho Father: So...sort of a Lava Golem style touch? On one hand, tributing is the nastiest way to dispose of a big beatstick, but on the other...three monsters with A-Counters on them is a pretty tall order, and even if you do pull it off, odds are that this card won't have very many critters to distribute his own counters among. Mother > this. =O

    Psycho Mars: Umm...yay for protecting our opponent's monsters? x.O I suppose this has some sort of synergy with Father (though it's pretty weak since they can just switch their monsters into defense to avoid damage), but it's kicking the strongest card among these right where it hurts, so I'm not too wild about it.

    Advanced Atrophy: Okay, Alien those want those counters out badly, but...ouch, just ouch. That LP cost is looking pretty hefty to me. Mass Brainwashing follow-up FTW? :x

    Psycho Immunisation: that would be "Remove all A-Counters from your Field" since counters aren't monsters and thus can't be destroyed. I really don't see why you'd want to run this outside of the highly unlikely Alien mirror match, but whatever floats your boat...

    Psycho Cocoon Nest: Again, I find myself wondering what this card is meant to accomplish. I take it, it's something involved with fakes you haven't show yet?

    And like, since I'm against not leaving a new fake with every post:

    Wall of Remnants
    3 Star/Dark
    0 Atk / 1800 Def

    Once per turn, if this card is in your Graveyard, negate the attack of a Monster with an Atk low than or equal to the original Def of this card.
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