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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Marill has never been the Gen 2 mascot; it was always Pichu. If Marill really was the Gen 2 mascot, then it wouldn't have been included in other regional dexes past Gen 2 (Plusle Minun never appeared in Sinnoh's dex, and Pachirisu never appeared in BW2's Unova dex neither).
    Well Clefairy was originally the mascot of the series before Pichu's evolution stole it's spot...the Pika family are spotlight thieves. Also the pattern of not appearing the next generation was post generation 2, the fact that it was refered to as Pikablu pre release and that it got a pre evolution the next generation make it more of a Pikaclone than the rest...

    Anyways a fire rodent (that isn't Cyndaquil...) will be cool and cute :3
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