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g & p rules

Graphics and Photography Rules

Upon Creating a Gallery Showcase

→ 1. Before opening a showcase you must have 4 separate examples or else your thread will be closed without any second guessing.

2. The type of things that go into a gallery are as follows:

Large graphical pieces
eg. wallpapers

So in other words strictly graphic art and photography. If you're still unsure, have a look at some threads made previously in this section and see if what you want to display corresponds with the type of threads already opened.

3. All work must be your own work. Plagiarizing is a serious offense and if you're found to be claiming someone else's work to be your own, you will receive a permanent 4 point infraction.

→ 4. You may only double post in your gallery if you are updating and no one has commented since your last post, but be sure you don't do it too frequently. Every few days is sufficient time to double post or more if need be. On the note of bumping, you may not bump your gallery if it hasn't been posted in for two months.

→ 4. If you just want a graphic piece rated, do not open a whole new gallery for that one piece, please it post here and be sure you follow the thread rules

→ 5. Do not post any mature images such as nudity, pornography, gore or anything of a profane nature. If the image is only mildly displeasing and only to some people, please put it in a spoiler tag with a warning beforehand. This is a strict rule and if you do not abide by it you will be infracted immediately.

→ 6. For those who wish to take requests but don't wish to open another thread for a shop, set your thread prefix to "Gallery" and clearly outline that you are taking requests and list your requirements like you would if you were to open a shop.

→ 7. If you wish to post photography & graphics, you will only need 4 examples in total for the opening post as opposed to 4 photos and 4 graphic pieces.

Upon Opening a Shop

→ 1. As with opening a gallery, you must have 4 examples of your work before opening the thread. Alternatively, you may link to your gallery if you have an open one as your example. For optimum results though, post your examples in your opening post.

→ 2. Be sure to state what kind of requests you're going to be taking. Be it icons or tags or whatever the case may be.

→ 3. Try to give a good easy to read and comprehendable template for the user to use when requesting, for example:

Icon or Banner:
Stock/Image/Render URL:
Colour Scheme:
Text (Optional):
Other requirements (Optional):

→ 4. Give a number of "open" slots for your shop so that you don't get overwhelmed with requests. Say in your opening post that you will only take x amount of requests at one time. If you take on everything at once you might end up leaving some people disappointed. If you choose not to have a limit, be sure you keep up with your requests and keep your shop neat and tidy and easy for others to see when their requests will be filled.

→ 5. Try to post your best examples, the examples that most represent your style and what other members can expect from you.

→ 6. Remember you have the right to deny a request. On the basis of not liking the details added in the form only. Any personal reasons shouldn't come into play here.

→ 7. Do not post a thread requesting someone to make you a banner or graphic item. It is not permitted and you should apply for someone to make you something in one of the open shops.

→ 8. You are permitted to comment on the graphics posted in shops like a gallery only if the user does not have a separate gallery. Otherwise the post will be deleted or moved.

Upon Starting a Battle

→ 1. Battles are quite new to G&P, we have not had a lot of them. SO, first and foremost, you must follow the requirements I post below. Battles are very much a loose domain, meaning that the OP is free to add any adjustements or innovation to the requirements, restrictions or rules of the battle. It is up to the other members to enter so it should be perfectly fine so long as it's clear, practical and is presented neatly in both format and by content.

→ 2. If you wish to begin a battle, post a thread with the [Battle] prefix. However, you must include these options or something resembling these:

Type of battle/Set # of participants:
- This relates to the kind of battle you wish to have. For example, if you are looking to have a one on one tag battle, just proceed this with "1v1". Other options might include "2v2 Collab" or "Mini Tourney". It is preferred that you PM the moderator of G&P if you wish to start some sort of small battle tournament however.

Size Restrictions:
- This is pretty straight forward, you must state the maximum size for a tag to be. For example "500x300". All members of the battle must abide by the same rules therefore must keep within the same size limits.

Time Frame:
- The length of time you wish to hold the battle is where you enter this. The maximum time for a non-tourney styled battle eg. 1v1 is one week. You may make the time frame less if you so wish but be realistic. No saying "20 minutes".

This is to select a particular theme. Freestyle is where you may post anything. But you can set a theme restriction much like SotW.

Other Details
If you wish to add any further details about the battle, please do so. This can be less formal.

→ 3. A battle time frame may only last up to a max of one week, however, if you need an extension, please contact a moderator of G&P and they will be happy to give you the go ahead. Mini-battle tourney's are subject to the size of the tourney and may be subject to the moderator's decision on how long the time frame may be.

→ 4. You are not permitted to post your entry before the time frame begins ie. before the members have signed up officially.

→ 5. To start a voting period, please open a new thread with the [Battle] prefix followed by your battle thread title later followed by some sort of [voting] tag to show that it is the voting thread.

→ 6. If you are unsure about posting a battle or unsure if yours meets the requirements, please contact a moderator of G&P.

Upon Starting a Discussion Thread

1. Discussion threads are for talking about graphic design or photography. You may also begin threads making suggestions as to how the section can improve.

→ 2. You may not request graphics by starting a discussion, please use an open shop.

→ 3. Be specific on what the topic is. No threads like "What do you think about icons?", please elaborate.

→ 4. Do not post threads asking questions, please ask in the graphics lounge.

Upon Starting a Finish My Design Thread

This is a type of thread where you can post an unfinished piece of your work in a .psd (or other layered file types) format for others to finish. This work then becomes a collaboration between you and anyone who finishes your work off.

→ 1. Ensure that you have actually made a start on your work before posting it for others to finish.

→ 2. Your work is now in the public domain and the results of collaboration are not in your control. So accept any effort given by those finishing your design.

3. Any number of members can finish your design and post the results.

→ 4. Upon attempting to finish the members' designs, do not layer rip for other works, their part of the collab is still their work.

→ 5. Always post results if you finish the design.

→ 6. When posting the Finish My Design thread, always ensure you use the [FMD] prefix, and also show a preview of your unfinished piece in the thread.

Commenting, Criticizing & Requesting

→ 1. If you want to just comment on a gallery without having to go in depth about their work, just give examples of what you like and possible add why. Comments such as "Your stuff is cool" just wont cut it I'm afraid, you'll need to be somewhat constructive.

→ 2. You may comment on shops if you wish to but only if the member doesn't already have a gallery in which their work is showcased or if you need to ask them a question about their shop or work.

→ 3. When you are criticizing someone's work, be constructive, detailed and make sure you know what you're talking about. If you don't know a lot about G&P you can still crit but be sure you know what you're looking at and what you like and dislike. Do not flame anyone's work or bash /insult it in any way. This is art, it is meant to be appreciated no matter how abstract or different the artist may be. Try to be polite in how you say thing also, some members can take harsh crit better than others so try not to come off as rude. Same goes for those taking crit, be patient and know how to take it.

→ 4. When requesting in a thread [Shop], be sure you follow the OP's rules and that you are not "demanding" anything. Remember that the shop owner is doing this out of their own free time and are asking for nothing but credit in return. If there are additional requirements in which you do not meet when requesting, you won't be permitted to use the graphics the OP made for you. Be patient and don't keep bugging them about when it is done. Though if you feel you were skipped politely post inquiring why that might have been if the shop owner did not state the reasons.

Final Note

Thanks for reading, believe me I appreciate the members who took their time. I'll most likely add more and edit as the days go by, so everything is subject to change.
<3 you all.

If you have any further questions, contact me.
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