Seen November 1st, 2019
Posted May 20th, 2018

Upon Starting a Finish My Design Thread

This is a type of thread where you can post an unfinished piece of your work in a .psd (or other layered file types) format for others to finish. This work then becomes a collaboration between you and anyone who finishes your work off.

→ 1. Ensure that you have actually made a start on your work before posting it for others to finish.

→ 2. Your work is now in the public domain and the results of collaboration are not in your control. So accept any effort given by those finishing your design.

3. Any number of members can finish your design and post the results.

→ 4. Upon attempting to finish the members' designs, do not layer rip for other works, their part of the collab is still their work.

→ 5. Always post results if you finish the design.

→ 6. When posting the Finish My Design thread, always ensure you use the [FMD] prefix, and also show a preview of your unfinished piece in the thread.