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Originally Posted by Spritezorabw View Post
And Poifin male evo!

Hi there!
I want to start off with that I like the purple color picked for the body. However, there's a few things I think need some fixin' or could be made better. I'm not sure the blue, head piece looks shaded at all. The shading on the head show there's a light source, but the blue piece on the head and body looks really flat. Also, most of it only has a single colored, blue outline. Try to expand that with a darker blue and maybe a little black. You might also want to get a lighter blue tint or highlight for the blue pieces on the body.

The eye looks VERY odd, in the way it's placed or positioned. The eye that is less seen looks like the shape of the eye is lowered downwards and not going up like the visible, lifted eye. I think half of the eye should be lowered downwards a little.

The tail looks really out of place, as well.The blue piece that goes along the body stays blue until we reach the tail and it suddenly is pink. I think the tail's colors should be switched. Maybe that will make it looked more attached?

I hope that was a bit helpful! ^..^;
Originally Posted by o Pikachu o View Post
I got bored and I tried a recolor. (First time doing this)

For a first time, it's not so bad, but you missed a couple of things to recolor.

Many of the outlines were left in their original colors, so it looks weird. When you recolor, you have to recolor the base color, the shading, and the outlines. Then it looks completely colored.

I don't think I'll go too in depth about that, since it is your first time doing recolors. Just remember, if you continue to recolor, recolor everything in the sprite, don't leave some parts not colored and others recolored.
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