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    Based Off: The Hunger Games Series
    RP Master: Eeveemaster9
    Rating: 16+ For Violence, Blood, swearing, minor romance and drug themes
    SU's Are: Closed

    It is now the Twenty-fourth century here on Earth. Discoveries have been made. Technology introduced. Species inhabitted. However, everything humanity once knew back in the twenty-first century has been completely wiped out. Scientists over study calculated that angelic, demonic, or vampire beings did not exist, and they were simply a fairy-tale passed down from each generation. What they did not know, was that these three beings came into contact with humans long ago, but have kept themselves hidden as they worked on their plans for the future. They did not work together. They worked away from eachother. Demons in the hottest places on Earth. Angels in the coldest, or at sea. Vampires kept themselves in dense forests.

    They were finally, officially discovered in the twenty-third century, when the angels collaberated with the humans to keep nature at peace. Soon, demons and vampire alike came out as well, though they were casted aside by the humans because of the popular belief of them being evil. The demons and vampires, angered that they were outcasted, began using their combined powers to slowly destroy the Earth. With the angels protecting the humans against the two, nobody saw that the humans were also killing the Earth by tearing down its forests and over-expanding their population.

    That was when the Gods decided they had had enough. It was the year 2992 that they finally struck. Continents were moved together with their power, so now there were only two continents. North and South America was where the humans, vampires, angels and demons lived; each blocked off from the other with a magic barrier. These areas were soon known as districts. To keep populations from expanding too much, the Gods made this announcement:

    "Each year, four living beings from each district will fight to the death in the arena. From the ages thirteen to eighteen, these children will be taken away, and only one from each district may live; at maximum."

    Horrified, and no longer able to control, the four beings lived in silent peace, until the day of the 'reaping' came to take away their children to be slaughtered.

    Extra Info:

    All humans know small amounts of magic, but they usually stick to physical weapons like guns, swords, ect.

    = Means they get along. x means they do not

    Humans = Angels
    Angels x Demons
    Demons = Vampires
    Vampires x Humans
    Demons x Humans
    Angels x Vampires

    Humans absolutely HATE vampires and demons in general. Well, alot of them do, anyhow. Angels have tried to get along with everyone, but....Vampires just try to fit in, while demons really don't give a dang what others think.


    You are a teen present during the year 3000, eight years since the games began. Though everyone is living well in your district, many are killed each day for breaking the law. The reaping is today, and like every teen your age, you must crowd around your districts' government building awaiting possible doom.


    + I can not tense this enough. BE ACTIVE. At LEAST two times in seven days
    + I will have high expectations. No tiny posts. At least a paragraph
    + No godmodding, or else I'll kill your character right there
    + Even if your character is killed, I'll make sure to have something to keep you busy
    + Bunnying is permitted, but make sure you have my and that persons permission
    + If you're wanting plot twists with your character, make sure you PM me with ALL the info on it.

    Sign Up Sheet:

    Name: Preferably, a japanese-oriented name. Such as Yukka or Ruike. Must include first and last names

    Gender: Male or Female
    Age: Between 13-18

    Species: Angel, Demon, Vampire or Human. This does not affect your appearance or personality!

    Appearance: Minimum two paragraphs. Description!

    Personality: Minimum two paragraphs. Make sure its descriptive!

    History: Not needed, since you can hint your history through flashbacks or something.

    Element: Your specialized element. Fire, water, wind, earth, light, void, or Iron(Handling of weapons)

    RP Sample: Must be included. It must be a recent time, and please specify which rp it is from.


    SkyIsUmbreon's Character:

    Name: Raike Destan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Species: Human

    Appearance: Raike wears a white jacket, which is lined with black. This
    lining shows up around his collar, and at the cuffs of the sleeves, as well as the base of the jacket. His hair is colored jet black, and messy, so that it covers his left eye. His left eye is colored red, while the right is colored a deep purple. He has no facial hair, and his skin color is a light tan.

    His baggy jeans are colored a dark blue, but a bit faded in the knees,
    with a steel chain that is attached to his belt loops. He wears black steel toed boots, and metal plated on the bottom. His shirt is red striped black, and short sleeved. On his left and right hands, he wears special gloves that allow him to touch certain hazards such as fire or electricity without harm.

    Personality: Raike's personality can be very hard to understand at sometimes. He doesn't like hanging around others, be them Vampires, Demons, or whatever very much, but will if he feels the need to. He can be very isolated at times, running off without telling others, and then returning as if nothing happened. He is also very unpredictable, doing the most unlikely thing in any type of situation. He is not the best conversationalist, so he will also seem sort of awkward at times.

    He also can be seen to posses a knowledge far ahead of his time, but
    can't always put it into words. Once he meets a certain group of people that he "likes" it is possible that he will open up to the group, being more free with words and expressions. But normally, if you see him, he will hide behind an emotionless mask.

    Element: Fire

    Supervegeta's Character:

    Name: Ryuu Akuma
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Species: Demon

    Appearance: Ryuu Akuma stands at 6 feet 5 inches tall. He is of a rather large build and large stature, but is extremely fit. He has black piercing eyes and dark brown hair. He typically wears a dark blue or sometimes black shirt with the same color pants, and a dark blue or black coat reaching down to his ankles.

    Ryuu's clothes appear as though they were once worn by nobility, as they were of fine quality, but he has worn them down from his strenuous work-outs and fighting to a more barren, half-noble half-mercenary appeal.

    Personality: Ryuu Akuma has earned a reputation for being quite possibly the more ruthless person alive. He shows no mercy to opponents, and looks upon others as lower beings, especially humans. He has absolute disgust for them. He also views angels as lesser beings, not worthy of power and although vampires usually get along with demons, Ryuu tends to find them somewhat unworthy, yet he still views them in a bit higher appeal than angels, and certainly than humans.

    Ryuu has taken pride in his given nickname, "The Rhino" because of his merciless efficiency, especially in a fight. If gotten into one, Ryuu Akuma would typically not stop for almost anything, usually fighting until his opponent is either incapable of fighting back or dead. His imposing stature usually gives him the appearance and demeanor of a brute, to which Ryuu is perfectly fine with.

    Element: Earth

    The_Original_Raitan's Character:

    Name: Xavier Harrah
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Species: Demon

    Personality: Xavier is the reserved type, not usually interacting with other people and keeping quiet. Due to not much interaction he has become very observant of environments, people, etc. His father being a scientist and his observance has caused him to become an excellent strategist. He loves his mother very much and will usually try to help around the house, when father is away.

    He absolutely hates people (Any Species) who are loud and most things that are loud. They give him a headache.Although his father has been teaching him survival skills as he was going to be in the drawings soon. He can't really talk to people, unless that person is family. Although he view his father more as a scientist instead as a father. This is because all conversations between him and his father were about science. Whenever Xavier would ask him about something personal his father would avoid it and lead to yet another science discussion. And that most of his knowledge came from his father.

    Appearance: Xavier stands roughly 6,0 matching the muscle for the size. He sports a minor six pack. He has deep brown hair and eyes. His mother likes to compare the color to that of chocolate. His hair is shaggy and falls just over his eyes. His eyes are very sharp, but calm as well if you can catch a glimpse of them. He has a small scar on his left shoulder. It has healed mostly, but if you look closely you can see it.

    The normal attire for Xavier is a black T-shirt with the symbol of Omega on his right shoulder. He wears a pair of black pants to match the shirt. As far as winter wear goes he wears a zipper Heavy coat which is silver with a pokeball symbol on the chest. He wears white winter pants with self insulation and is a tad big on him. And again sports a pair of black gloves with wrist cuffs to keep snow out. And has a pair of insulated boots which have small spikes on the end to climb and hike if the chance comes.

    Element: Void

    Social Kibble's Character:

    Name: Shizuka 'Shizu' Yoshiko
    Gender: Male
    Age: Eighteen years old.
    Species: Angel.

    Appearance: Angel's typically have a look that everyone expects to see once they learn someone is an angel, usually revolving around a lot of golds and whites and bright shiny aura's that come along with them. That's, of course, due to the Poster Child syndrome according to Shizuka. The higher up's like to present themselves as perfect and want anyone that represents them to fit that same mold, but Shizu never has and never wants to be just a cookie cut being so everyone will love him.

    His wing span is of medium length, just the nature of how he was born into the world..the uniqueness about him is the color of his wings, which still to this day have left many baffled as to how it came to be. Cool gray colored wings that shimmer slightly in the sun and flow easy through the wind - some which would say, though not the blinding white you would expect, is still pretty common and maya blue tipped feathers that trailed around the very edges of his wings.

    Moving into his facial features, Shizu has a pretty typical look. His hair, a light dirty blonde kept somewhere between short and shaggy, always hung down covering left eye. His hair is used to avoid others from staring, a scar slashed diagonally across his eye. However, as one might think, Shizuka was not ashamed of his deformity as some referred to it - he truly embraced his past, but didn't feel the need to be gazed upon simply for having a permanent reminder of where he has come from. His right ear is pierced with two hoops, one right next to the other, through the cartilage.

    Standing at five foot ten with your general athletic/stay in shape, but not becoming crazy like the hulk, body build you will usually see Shizu in a gray or black tanktop - some looking brand spanking new, while others are riddled with holes, burn marks, etc. Living in the world he lives in, there are much worse things than destroyed clothes for him to be worrying about. Continuing downwards, you will see his pants changing from light/dark faded jeans (burns and rips sold separately) to gray sweatpants, on the darker side but still somewhere in the middle, depending on his mood of the day. It's hard to find time to where comfortable things and relax, so basically expect to see him mostly in his jeans.

    Shoe's are a thing of the past for Shizuka as they were too fragile and in his constant endeavors that required "stabler" footwear, so he is only seen wearing various colors and forms of boots. Typically he sticks to the Timbaland colored ones as they match better with his style choice (yes I'm that guy who's worried about outfit matching even in a RP lol).

    Personality: Shizuka was never really much of a talker, even when he was younger. He wasn't depressed, sad or lonely as he has multiple friends or colleagues that he is constantly seen with. Anger issues and a prior history of violence and hatred isn't present either, he never really saw a reason for someone to start a fight themselves or get upset over something without it being purely selfish or the typical bully persona of 'I'm bigger and stronger so I'm going to pick on you' deal. He's just an observer and a learner.

    Shizuka's personality comes from his mother who was always introducing something knew and puzzling for him to learn, the puzzles and riddles making him use his mental abilities above all else to conquer whatever obstacles and challenges came his way. This nature, and his own desire to learn, led to Shizu to quickly master any task or object set in front of him.

    Some people understand him and just leave him be, enjoying his company (with very few words) and just accepting him for the way he desired to live. Other's mocked him, teased him, tried to entice him into a fight or into doing something mischievous that would inevitably lead them into trouble. Shizu just ignored those bothering him for their personal pleasure, only defended himself once physically attacked and continued living his life as he knew how - by learning and observing.

    Element: Iron

    Skymin's Character:

    Name:Kerin Knight
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 and a half
    Species: Vampire

    Appearance: Kerin's hair is short and black, with his dark fringe/bangs covering only slightly over his dark, blue eyes in a kind of v shape in the centre of his face, the rest of his hair windblown to the left. He's kind of pale, he's kind of tall (about 174cm) and just a little bit muscley but not enough for him to not look skinny. Due to his vampirism, his canines are a little sharper than the average human being but he was already pale before he turned. He has a number of scars adorned on his body, mostly on his knuckles, face and arms. Other than the fact he is a vampire, he actually looks quite human. He tries to keep it that way.

    He doesn't dress that fancy, either wearing a t-shirt and jeans or a kind of japanese styled male uniform on other occasions when he's feeling good. His shoes however are always the same; black converse. He doesn't wear much jewelery except a thick, black, leather, buckled bracelet, similar to a biker cuff, to hide his bite mark. He never likes to show that he is a vampire.

    Personality: Kerin has never been good at keeping his cool. He tries his hardest, he really does, but it doesn't take much for the guy to take a step forward and punch you in the face. He doesn't mind a few mindless jabs at his own personality or perhaps his clothing, but as soon as you even breathe a word about somebody else, consider yourself a painful, bloody lump. He acts as some kind of vigilante but he doesn't know why; he often regrets fighting after its all said and done. Despite this, he doesn't even hesitate to jump into a fight and usually ends up on top in most cases (three to one is usually his limit). A bloody nose, grazed knuckles or bruises are not considered unusual to him. Infact, lack of any sort of injury surprises him. That was before though. Before he was turned.

    Kerin wasn't always a vampire. Infact, he was turned recently. About 3 years ago. Although since he moved to the vampire district though, Kerin has kept to himself. Vampires are a lot stronger than humans were and even though Kerin's strength was amplified when he was turned, he doesn't want to think what would happen if a vampire punched him. He does what he's told, doesn't ask questions and stays out of the way. At the moment though, he has a lot of stress built up and it won't take much for him to explode.

    Element: Fire.

    Ichigo's Character:

    Name: Akira Tsukuda
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Species: Angel

    Appearance: Think of your stereotypical Angel… now ignore what you have conjured up because Akira is vastly unlike the stereotype. If people were to tell you Akira is an Angel, you would think they were trying to pull your leg, he just doesn’t seem… ‘Angelic’. If Akira were to describe himself, he would more often than not consider himself “punk”, but that’s just him.

    His soft black hair comes together in a small Mohawk stretching from his forehead backwards down to the collar of his shirts. Often styled this way and natural colouring to his hair, Akira hardly ever changes his hair style. Below his hair lies a pair of green pigmented eyes that help to ‘soften’ his appearance. As eyes are the windows to the soul, Akira’s reflect his mellowed state, something like a windswept meadow. His teeth are not exactly perfectly white, having a slight discoloration to them, but the attention is taken away from them by a single spiked labret piercing below his lips.

    Although physically fit and active, his body shows no signs of fat, rather toned and defined muscles that aren’t all that special. Just by looking at him, at five foot eleven inches and weighing around sixty kilograms, Akira looks like your average human. But appearances are deceiving.

    As far as clothing goes he wears nothing spectacular, preferring use and comfort over style.

    Personality: Akira is very distant from people. It’s not something he does unintentionally either, it’s that he prefers to keep the distance to refrain from being hurt or getting emotionally attached. It also makes it easier for him to manipulate people, without the attachment he finds no barriers. More than anything, he has a particular disgust for Humans. As an Angel, he feels that he is vastly superior to humans in almost every way possible. That is not to say that he doesn’t get along with them, but when he does it is reluctant at best; although if it came down to it, he would rather join forces with a Human rather than a vampire or Demon. However, he has in the past and occasionally still will try and get along with someone of a different race when he needs to.

    Akira does have a soft side to him though. When he does allow people to get close enough to him to start to get to know him, he treats them with respect and looks out for them. This goes as well for females. Something inside of Akira produces this instinct within him to protect and look after females despite their race. If he saw a female getting beaten, he would not hesitate to defend them, however if they attacked him, then he values his life enough to fight back and throws these morals out of the window. Following this, he would not attack a woman unless she gave him a reason to; more often than not if his life was threatened.

    Generally, Akira is a very emotionally stable person and vary rarely lets his emotions get the better of him; keeping them in check. On the very few occasions he has let his emotions get the better of him, he has snapped and done a lot of damage as well as things he is ashamed of, things he would rather forget and has done so. He rare speaks about his past, pretending that it never happened. Some pretty big events happened to Akira, ones that haunt him to this day and so to safe guard himself he tries to forget about everything but what is happening here and now.

    Element: Earth

    Raikiri's Character: Daiki (To be added)

    Eeveemaster9's Characters:

    Bernkastel Vermillia
    Preserias Destane
    Venius Cloud

    Chapter 1 - The Reaping of the Population


    It is now the beginning of warm, beautiful weather. However, your blood may be shed within the week, to stain your local white roses red. To be exact, it is the beginning week of May. You know the saying: April showers bring May flowers. However, it seems that your blood will be the showers, and there will be no beautiful flowers afterwards.

    What Will Be Happening?:
    *You will be introducing your character like I did with mine. Point out key points to their personality, or their hobbies.
    *You will either be guilded or dragged to the reaping. Go crazy with your reaction to participating in the games.
    *Make sure you give off clues to how your district is different to others. Their systems of how they choose players.
    *Your post will end after you are choosen for the reaping, and you can either have a reaction to something another player did, or you can move on to the trains.


    *Government leader is Taniko Kunjui. Leader for over 4 years.
    *Participants are choosen by having their names drawn from a box. If you're fourteen, there are fourteen slips of paper with your name on it, ect
    *Your friends and family will most likely grieve and cling, before you are to board a train with the other three teens.


    *Leader is Kuze Onoyazi. Leader ever since the games began. He is present during the reaping, but hardly take part
    *Participants are choosen by vote, and almost always they are trouble teens that nobody likes
    *Kuze burns the demon symbol onto their arm
    *Shoved onto the train before they can say anything to the crowd


    *Leaders are Yua Anna and Calzus Zunigi, and just got into power
    *This district is the God's favorite, so they are pampered to win the games
    *Voting takes place for the best fighters, but some weak players are snuck in to even it out
    *They do not go on a train, but wait in the government building


    *Leader is Statia Maina. Leader for 11 years
    *Choose participants through elections, but usually teens offer to go
    *Participants board an underground railroad

    *All train desinations are to District 5, which is a small piece of land outside the vampire district. Camera's are only at the reaping. This chapter is mostly for interaction between the participants of YOUR district.

    Chapter 2 - Meet Your Allies and Enemies


    You all have arrived in District Five. It is a place spilling to the core in misfit Gods that are set to work bringing you to your own personal hell, so I would act as polite as you possibly can. These people will be the first to judge you, so you do not want to make bad impressions on them. What with being in a tight compartment with the people you are either going to murder, or be murdered by, there will definitely be some tension. Will you be willing to make light conversation, or will you stay silent throughout the trip?

    What Will Be Happening?:
    * You will be arriving in different train stations from the other districts, but that doesn't mean you get any more alone time with the other three participants in yours. Cameras will be all over the place to flim your ever move and broadcast LIVE around the world.
    * You are going to be led by a group of Gods to the center of the district, where you will board a huge helicopter; best part, the other districts will be in the same helicopter, and you will be seperated only by air and a couple of bored guards at your fingertips.

    Since your district is above the vampire district, you will be arriving in the northern station.

    Demons will arrive through the southern station.

    Will already be there.

    The humans will be arriving at the western station.

    *This chapter will focus more on eyeing your neighbouring districts, and how well you will react to the situation.

    Chapter 3 - A Fesitivity Worth Dying For

    You may have had a blast on the helicopter, and perhaps a word with the man planning your demise, but this doesn't prepare you for what's beyond. These few days prior to the games, are made just for training and relaxation. If you can even sleep, that is. If you have your eyes set on surviving this thing, you may find it to be in your best interest to the demon witch, Bernkastel. She, among others, knows what's going on.

    What's Happening?:
    *You will be exiting the helicopter, right into the training district just outside the God's District
    *For the next few days, you will be hidden away from cameras and interviews, to train. However, you may skip individual training if you wish

    Your building is on the northern side of the training center




    *This chapter focuses on individual character abilities, alliances, and enemies.

    Chapter 4 - The Melancholy of Bernkastel Vermillia

    Your third day in the God's Realm has arrived, and wheither you like it or not, you will be forced to participate in a post-games show. It's interview time; the best few minutes you have to gather as many wealthy sponsors as you can. Will you have the points to afford a shiny weapon outside the arena? Or will you be unable to afford that antidote for your survival?

    What's Happening?:
    Immediately after breakfast, a new character will greet your main contestant. This person will be your designer and the person that manages your points, It's their job to make sure you survive and win.


    Akira -- Natruo The Gamemaster (Controlled By Eevee)
    Shizuka -- Malphias; Lesser God; Nervous/Awkward (Controlled By Eevee)


    Ryuu -- Somal; Nekooni; Politely rude (Controlled By Eevee)
    Xavier -- Seere; Horned Demon; Mute (Controlled by Eevee)


    Kerin -- Raum; Higher Vampire; Stereotypically gay (Controlled by Eevee)


    Raike -- Venius; Higher God; Humorous/Animated (Controlled By Eevee)



    Kerin = Marisa = Fang
    Bernkastel = Xavier = Marisa = Kerin = Fang = Shizuka = Amelia = Raike = Ryuu
    Xavier = Bernkastel = Marisa, Kerin, Fang?
    Shizuka = Amelia
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