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    Name: Raike Destan

    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    Species: Human

    Appearance: Raike wears a white jacket, which is lined with black. This lining shows up around his collar, and at the cuffs of the sleeves, as well as the base of the jacket. His hair is colored jet black, and messy, so that it covers his left eye. His left eye is colored red, while the right is colored a deep purple. He has no facial hair, and his skin color is a light tan.
    His baggy jeans are colored a dark blue, but a bit faded in the knees, with a steel chain that is attached to his belt loops. He wears black steel toed boots, and metal plated on the bottom. His shirt is red striped black, and short sleeved. On his left and right hands, he wears special gloves that allow him to touch certain hazards such as fire or electricity without harm.

    Personality: Raike's personality can be very hard to understand at sometimes. He doesn't like hanging around others, be them Vampires, Demons, or whatever very much, but will if he feels the need to. He can be very isolated at times, running off without telling others, and then returning as if nothing happened. He is also very unpredictable, doing the most unlikely thing in any type of situation. He is not the best conversationalist, so he will also seem sort of awkward at times.
    He also can be seen to posses a knowledge far ahead of his time, but can't always put it into words. Once he meets a certain group of people that he "likes" it is possible that he will open up to the group, being more free with words and expressions. But normally, if you see him, he will hide behind an emotionless mask.

    History: Not needed, since you can hint your history through flashbacks or something.

    Element: Fire

    RP Sample: Plague[PG-16]
    Raike Destan:
    Apartment 316
    West Side
    -Raike pushed the curtains aside, his eyes scanning for any unusual movement, he then quickly closed the curtains, making sure the window was locked securely before moving the iron makeshift doors into place. Zombies could break through windows, not so sure about iron though. He sighed before turning back to his brother, who was making some kind of soup on his stove, thank God he was a good cook. It have been only a few days since they started living together, since this zombie outbreak began. He longed for the dark cloud he and his friends had fought against two years ago, sighing. Miharu had been right, almost all legendaries were dicks, especially Arceus. But now zombies?! really?! You'd think by watching those old movies about apocalypses and other crap that the government would learn not to do shixt like this. He pulled out his desert eagles from behind his back and began unloading and reloading them, a common thing he did when he was bored.-

    "Yo Sky! Is that soup done yet? I'm starving over here."

    Sky Destan
    Apartment 316
    West Side
    -Sky looked over, an annoyed look on his face. Before returning his attention back to the pot, which steamed over a makeshift stove, heated by fire from Soren, his Blaziken.-
    "Can't rush perfection bro."
    -He received the typical response."I wasn't rushing perfection, I was rushing you!" At which he grunted. He was about to pour some spice into the soup when he heard a faint sound in the distance. "Fswooooosh!" Sounded like a fire... Either the zombies did it or it was someone looking for help, either way it would attract attention. Sky cursed as he caught his jinx because as he said that, he began to hear groans and moans, one loud, then growing gradually fainter as they headed off towards that direction. He dropped his cook spoon, throwing on his coat and putting Soren back in her pokeball. He then grabbed his base guitar, turning back to his brother grinning wildly.-

    "Hey Raike, looks like its showtime."
    Raike Destan:

    -He stood up from polishing his sword, grinning and calling Raven to her pokeball. He then headed towards the door, pushing the iron barricade aside and opening it.-

    "What the hell are we waiting for? Lets go!'

    -A few minutes full of decapitated zombies and smashed skulls, both men reached the mound of charred zombies. Sky noticed the group of people who had formed, near a skyscraper and headed over, followed by Raike, who looked while squinting at the group before grinning and running over.-

    Raike Destan:
    "No way... you guys are here too? It seems trouble likes to follow us huh? What have you guys been up too?"
    Sky Destan
    -He looked between Raike and the group of people, dumbfounded, before snapping out of it and interrupting the meeting.-

    "Uh yeah, not to break up this little family reunion, but this isn't the safest place to talk. More-so because we have about 15 plus zombies headed our way!"
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