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    This day smelled of death. The air, the land, the water, the people. Everything reeked of death. Especially, his wings. Xavier knew many people envied his wings. They were comprised of black and blood red feathers. Blood red. He could find no other way to describe this color. It just reminded him of.....blood. More specifiaclly, blood spilled in the Games. The sickening events that were to start in the next few days.

    Xavier at the moment was daydreaming out of the window in his 'house'. Yeah right. His house had only three rooms - if one said they were big enough; a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. From a distance you could say it looked like a shack. Which it basically was since it was just a larger shack.

    And to him the games were just plain pointless. Really was there any point to them at all? What most people would say is to keep the population down.....really? Why in the right mind they're most likely in, believe that load of crap the Gods fed them? People from all districts are having more and more babies every year and by basically keeping the species from waging war, they were simply having the populations rise! At least in Xavier's point of view.

    His mind was still whirling from all the thoughts of the Games and the familiar face popped into his head. Bernkaestel Vermilia, the two time winner of the Population Games from his district. How full of herself is she? And also another word to describe her, bloodthirsty. The only reason Xavier would ever go to the winners district would be so he would never have to murder for the sake of entertainment again. And she? She had to keep going back and killing more and more of her own kind. Sickening. Absolutely sickening.

    Xavier heard a low rumbling sound that echoed throughout the district; signaling it was time for the reaping. The said teen always found it odd that he was never chosen. He had been alone for years and always thought he'd be chosen, so now he just assumes his whole existance had been forgotten. Not really a problem at all actually. He prefered to be alone at this point.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Reaping~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    After Xavier took his seat the reapings had finally began...with his name. Well it looked like he wasn't as forgotten as he thought he was. Although, who had been keeping an eye on him? He didn't know anybody except the Games winner and Kuze. That'll prbably never be answered so he just decided to drop it and walked up quietly to the stage, to be immediately accompanied by Bernkaestel herself.

    Once the other two members of the reaping took their places beside him Xavier had been only worried about one person. Bernkastel. she was the only one he knew about and was thus his main threat and...wait?! What in the heck did Kaze just say?! Beautiful teens?! What was wrong with this man? Outside of Xavier however his expression was still rock blank. 'Nngh!' His teeth clencehed after the burning of his arm and watched as Bern fell to the ground and Kaze's menacing words as he was shoved on a train.

    ~~~~The Boarding~~~~~

    Xavier had been on the train and had been waiting in his seat when a man dropped Bernkastel into the seat across from him. When Bern turned to look at him Xavier gave off an awkward hello and turned his head to the window beside him
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