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    That was the sound of the bell as Kio waited patiently for the newfound, lonely ghastly, to be recovered at the nearest pokémon centre in Nacrene city. It was a nice place, but just wasn't the prettiest, but he supposed it was the historical value that kept it on the map. He raced up the counter to question the nurse on the condition of the pokémon. Just fine. A sigh of relief was let out by Kio, knowing for sure that the pokémon would be fine. Pokémon centres never failed him thus far.

    The ghastly was rather welcoming to Kio's embrace, as the grinning ghost came scurrying towards his face, his smile wide with pleasure and gratefulness for the quick recovery.
    "Glad you're alright ghastly, but you're friends are gone.. If you like, you could travel with me until we find them." Although Ghastly frowned slightly at the mention of his friends leaving him, his face was re-lit with the mention of travelling. Who wouldn't want to travel with the person who just saved his life and is now helping him reunite with the pack. Ghastly welcomed the idea thoroughly. With a click, the ghastly met the pokéball, however Kio wasn't too over excited as he usually was, instead he nodded and smiled, acknowledging the fact that one day their time would be over.

    Kio took the time to explore the city; he had yet to bump into Mathew and the others thus far, and he almost assumed they had left for the forest, but he stayed for the while and explored the ins and outs of the city, allowing his two pokémon to walk freely alongside him too. He ventured inside the museum in his time too, and allowed himself to gaze upon several stones that a guide told him came from the Kalos region. Kio had been their for a holiday when he was six, but not much could be remembered now. After the trip he decided to roost in a small café located at the edge of town. As he sat with his 2 friends, he could hear the melody of a guitar player in the background, soothing his soul with his beats. If Kio hadn't been stopped by the waitress coming to deliver his drinks Kio might have fallen asleep. He assumed that this would also be a popular location and he may come across the other three travelers that were company for Kio until the cave. Without further adu, Kio and is pokémon began slurping their drinks.

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