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Logan continued down the Route, with Rini not far behind. Halfway up the Route, Rini cried out "Rio rio!" and leaped over to a tree. The Emanation Pokémon seemed to look at Logan as if he wanted him to see something inside the plant. Logan decided the look's posible intention was obviously true when Rini seemed to gesture him over to the tree. "Alright, fine." Logan said after sighing, then approached the tree.

He brushed some of the branches out of the way and then heard a small, frail, "Cast..." along with a white figure behind some more branches. Logan carefully squeezed between the tree and another one next to it, carefully moved away the branches, and the Castform that escaped from the abuser was revealed. The Weather Pokémon turned around and looked into Logan's eyes. He hovered up to Logan's shoulder, and let out a happy "Astfor..." and closed his eyes. Logan stared. "So... I'm guessing you want to come with me?" he said. The Castorm nodded.
"Are you sure?"
He nodded again.
Aaron opened up his case and removed one of the Poké Balls, then touched the Castform with it. He was sucked in, the ball rolled off Logan's shoulder and onto the ground, shook once, then clicked.
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