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    "I... I don't know. Erm. I'm sorry, I guess I just got lost and... Well I might have chickened out okay, the forest is really scary," Kio said innocently, not aware of the events that had happened previously.
    "Maybe we should get to Skyarrow bridge now before a spinirak manages to crawl up my leg." Kio chuckled.
    He looked at Maya for a second, his eyes filled with confusion. He quickly turned his gaze away as he soon realized she was staring back.

    "So the new guys Sandile huh. It's peculiar you find a Sandile in a forest," Kio says as everyone begins to walk. He thought something strange was going on with these pokémon all emigrating from their natural habitat. First the ghastly, now Sandile. Something seemed off but Kio couldn't quite put his finger on what it was.

    "Hey look there's the exit up ahead!"

    ((Up to you now Daisuke, can you get us across the bridge or will you leave us hanging? ba dum tish))

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