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Having arranged the few possessions that she had taken back to Four Island with her into neat piles on her desk, Selene found herself staring at them blankly from the seat on her bed that she appeared to have taken subconsciously. She was having difficulty associating any of this stuff around her with her life, unable to make any connections or any kind of recognition beyond a superficial knowledge that the item belonged to her - and it didn't seem to matter a bit. Even as she looked at posters on her walls and photographs smiling at her from pretty much every horizontal surface in the room Selene felt nothing beyond a knowledge that they were there.

With a frustrated sigh Selene rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling absently, deafened by the silence. She welcomed the quiet of solitude - she hadn't had much of either during her time at home - her family did not cope with bereavement quietly. Even during those precious moments stolen to take down at the beach watching the waves roll and break she would be interrupted for some reason or another. Even as she heard the merriment from the Academy through the small opening in her window she enjoyed her own company more than anyone's at that moment.

She considered the possibility of talking to Valorie about everything that happened...she was the obvious choice of confidante - she was Selen's closest friend at the Academy, their feelings for each other had the best chance of supporting such a strain...but then these very reasons made Valorie the last person Selene wanted to see. The thought of speaking these words to her made Selene recoil, putting this huge emotional baggage on her, seeing her face contort in pity and sadness for her...Selene could practically imagine Valorie's very expression. Selene would not be able to cope with pity but she would struggle even more seeing Valorie upset. Vince popped into her head seamlessly, but she dismissed that also. She had already caused the boy enough pain and confusion, she would rather be a complete hermit than put any more of her emotional turmoil on him.

With an irritated grunt, Selene stood up briskly and left the room whilst pushing her arms into a leather jacket. She shoved her hands in the pockets of her black skinny jeans and left the dorm, heading over to the mountains for a spot of training to clear her head. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed two kids in Nidoqueen and Nidoking costumes waving to her, but she kept her fingers tucked into her pockets and her eyes firmly ahead. Even the Academy itself held no nostalgia for her...even as she picked her way through the paths in the foothills of the mountains she felt detached. Yet, Selene felt detached from everything...
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