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    Jimmy Vincent

    Now Jimmy got even more mad. He didn't like they way this Rosalyn girl was talking to him. Not at all. Saying that he just thinks he is big and tough...That just didn't seem right. He wanted to get out of the cave, and leave this girl behind. But his leg prevented from doing so, and gave him no choice but to stick around with her. "Great....Juust greeeat..." he thought, his face showing the reluctance, "Just what I needed..."

    "Hey! I don't need no help! You hear?" the kid yelled as he took another step and felt more pain.

    Smokey looked at his trainer and felt...sorry for him. Normally he would side with him whenever he started yelling at someone who upset him. But not this time. He knew that Jimmy needed help. And he would help him if he had arms, or something that could help Jimmy move around without feeling pain. Then the Koffing looked at Rosalyn.

    [Please forgive him.] Smokey said, [He's just upset because a kid stole the Pokémon he was going to catch.]

    Jimmy meanwhile tried to head for the exit of the cave, but he could barely see the path ahead of him. He almost tripped over again, and now that he was carrying this oddly light rock, it could shatter into many pieces, and he was clearly against that.

    "Humph. Whatever." Jimmy muttered, "Let's just get outta this stupid cave. I wanna find out what the hell this rock is."

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