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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    Well, I did some looking around and managed to track down a copy of Sappy 2006 mod16, so I've mirrored it on my site for people to download.
    Wow thank you so much! Finally a version of sappy that will actually open on my computer! I have a question though, when i open up roms it always ssays it needs to scan for a sound table, and within a few seconds it finds one. Here is where i'm having my issue. The dropdown menu simply says MAIN and won't let me select anything else, i can manually type in the song number to change it but for some reason when i open my pokemon roms i only get sound effects, and none of the actual music. On my ruby rom I scrolled through all 298 sound files that sappy found on the table and they were all sound effects, after that nothing would play. Is this a problem with the program, my computer, or the roms itself? (I really hope its not the latter considering how much work i've already put into this rom...)
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