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    Originally Posted by Roughsponge View Post
    Dark type Gym Leader: Yes to this! Don't know why they haven't done it already, but Gen VI would be the perfect opportunity.
    Its not some mystery, for us to wonder why they intentionally dont use it. They just have not gotten around doing it yet. As simple as that, really.

    Just pick a gen and find out.
    In GSC you had Karen.
    In RSE you had Sidney.
    In BW you had Grimsley.
    So Dark is a prominent type in the E4. The only time it wasn't in the E4 is DPt.
    But DPt also took the whole "gym type fits the theme of its location" a lot more serious. Meaning, a gym next to a mining cave is Rock, the one that has ships going to Iron island is Steel, the one in the city with solar panel floors and a lighthouse is Electric, the one in the snowy north is Ice (even though there were barely any Ice pokemon to find), next to the biggest forest ever, Grass...
    sure they could have made one of the other three Dark.. and maybe they even tried to, with Fantina, but probably quickly realised a gym where you walk around with a flashlight in darkness is more Ghost-themed than Dark anyway.

    The closest to a Dark gym we have seen is Roxies gym. But why did they go for Poison? Grimsley.

    So in short: They will make a Dark gym when they see it fit well into its part of a game, not for the sake of it.

    I'd rather have more fun thematic gym puzzles, than just a room with gangsters standing around so there is finally a Dark gym.