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    Maxwell observed Skye's slight smirk. Okay, he was definetly up to something. From what Maxwell had been able to understand about Skye, he knew that this guy wasn't one to flash you a smile for nothing.

    Both Maxwell and Quillie was a bit surprised by Rama's dodging. However, their secondary reactions to this were completely different. Maxwell chuckled lightly, he sute hadn't expected that to happen, but he WAS battling Skye... Quillie on the other hand was furious, he was about to plant his feet into that stupid fox's face! But noooo! His feet dug into the ground leaving big trail-marks as he got down. Dammit, the Zoura had blocked off his view completely with that stupid, self-made dust cloud.

    Maxwell noticed the fox run up to him, quickly turn the other way and fire off a Dark Pulse. Ah, smart. Since Dark Pulse covered a wide area he would be able to fire it and hit Quillie since he didn't know the was coming.

    "Quillie! Follow my voice!" Maxwell yelled, "There is a Dark Pulse coming toward you, use Quick Attack to jump over it!"

    Quillie smiled, this was getting exciting. He darted off using Quick Attack, he followed Maxwell's voice into the dust cloud, waiting for the Dark Pulse to appear. Then, he saw something black heading his way, that's gotta be the attack! Quillie leapt confidently over the Dark-type attack, or so he thought. The attack proved to be much quicker than he thought, although he leapt over it, his feet were hit in the process. Ergh, why was his feet taking so much damage today? Quillie then started spinning, due to his speed increase and the sudden force on his feet, this was in fact possible. So Rama would eventually see a Quilava spinning like he was using Flame Wheel, minus the flames, coming toward him.
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