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    Jason Monterio Basco

    Hyper rushed towards Electrike with his arms crossed across his body.

    "By the way, one thing I don't get is, lightning rod don't do nothin' about a Thunderpunch, right?" asked Gen to Jason.

    Jason looked towards Gen, folded his arms and shook his head.

    "Unfortunely, for you Lightningrod affects draws electrical attacks towards him, as soon as any electricity is produced from the Thunder Punch his muscles will be drawn to hit Electrike" said Jason.

    Whilst he was talking the Cross Chop collided with Electrike and he was flown back.

    Electrike slowly got back onto all fours before beggining to lick his wounds.

    "Now dat was not the coolest thing for me" shouted out Electrike.

    Jason looked at Electrike sympathetically but dismissed his attention towards Ralts.

    "I hate to be bully, but i need Shock out of my way, ready for Stage 1 to be complete" said Ralts.

    "Ralts try and finish him... her... it with 1!" called out Jason.

    Ralts concentrated his psychic energy into a wave and bursted it out towards Shock.

    "It's either me or you..." Ralts whispered
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