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    I didn't have that far to travel because Lake Valor was Farley close to Sunnyshore city (which was more like Rainy,Thundery,stormy shore city). Chimchar jumped up onto my shoulders and gave me a gracidea. I put it in my bag to save for later. "Togekiss come on out, we gotta get to Lake Valor and fast". Togekiss swooped out and flew traight under us. Then with us sitting on her back, I said bye to Omega who was heading to the nearby Pokemon centre and we left for the skies.

    The skies were striking electricity everywhere, luckily my Togekiss was know for her speed. We were dodging bolts at such high speeds it was crazy. The rain pelting down on us wasn't helping. Chimchar was tucked into my jacket to keep his out of the rain and to keep me warm. The air was continuously getting colder. I would have been freezingif it weren't for Chimchar.

    We finally arrived at lake Valor and received a call from Omega. He stated that Maxie was after Azelf and I knew that I couldn't let that happen. The entire ground was covered in a metre of snow. The lake was frozen and all the fish pokemon were trapped underneath. I returned Togekiss and sent out my newly caught Lapras. Lapras was good at moving on ice so I got her to transport us to the cave in the middle of the frozen lake. I climbed of and the 3 of us walked into the cave. There in the corner was Azelf tring to warm all Lake Valor's native Pokemon; Staravia, Bibarel, Psyduck, Golduck, Noctowl and Chingling. I got Chimchar to start a small fire for them to gather round. Suddenly a man was standing at the entrance of the cave....
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