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    Chapter 4: Route 2

    Amber was still sad about Harrison making her continue to think about what he said to her. Although, as of what other people told her in her journey of life, you always have to keep your head up and keep moving forward. That's what she insisted on doing; slowly but surely. As she was continuing down the trail, she saw many rustling bushes wondering what was happening.

    Amber saw that Litten and Pikachu were very curious, running towards the rustling bushes to find what or why they were moving. Most of the time it was a nest of wild Ekans which she thought were scary looking. Trying to continue on through the tall grass without being bit by one, she noticed that there was a dog-looking Pokemon just wondering around. As the dog looking Pokemon moved Amber moved with it, soon closing in on it.

    The pokedex read that it was a Furfrou, the Poodle Pokemon. Amber immediately thought it looked cute in a way, but could easily be dangerous looking, too.

    "Okay Litten, let's use Ember!" Amber commanded.

    As strong as Litten was Amber was surprised to see the wild Furfou taking the hit hard thinking that it would be easy to catch. However, the wild Furfou ran off fast; faster than both of her Pokemon combined.

    "Oh wow, that's real smart," Amber whispered to herself. "Now I got to try and find it again."

    However, with Amber still struggling to get through the tall grass, the wild Ekans she saw before were coming closer to her. Litten and Pikachu were trying to fight them off one by one, but they were no use as more of them slithered after them. Soon, as she wanted to find an easier way out of the tall grass, she ran her fastest.

    Trying to run her fastest and hardest through the tall grass Amber noticed that they were trying to leap up towards her. Hitting them with her knuckles and feet trying to get them off, she started to yell out loud. Later on she saw an opening which would've been the dirt trail, still fighting her way through the tall grass. Litten and Pikachu fought their hardest to clear the way of wild Ekans but more of them kept coming.

    In the midst of her running Amber stopped and thought of why the wild Ekans would encounter her or her Pokemon like this, checking to see if there were any sign. However, as she noticed, she saw an egg. It was a purple egg with yellow spots on it, wondering if it was an Ekans egg.

    "Okay, I get it now," Amber whispered. "So you guys think that I took this egg?"

    Numerous wild Ekans hissed at her as an answer, thinking that she did take their egg from their nest.

    "If so, than here," Amber said. "I don't want to intrude in anyway, I just thought-"

    Amber was interrupted as she was looking around the tall grass and saw a Yungoos holding an egg.

    "There's your thief!" Amber yelled. "Let's get him!"

    The wild Ekans looked and saw their mongoose enemy, the Yungoos. Slithering as fast as they could towards the wild Yungoose, she ran with them. Catching the wild and mischievous Yungoos before the wild Ekans would be able to wrap it around their body and squeeze it to death, she fought it; fighting it and struggling to get the Ekans egg back.

    When the wild Ekans came to Amber and the wild Yungoos, all of them used the move Glare to stun the mischievous Pokemon. As it was stunned the Ekans egg slipped through the wild Yungoos' paws, soon falling into the tall grass. Amber was in shock as the egg could easily be shattered, making them Ekans family lose their baby. When the tall grass was blown by the wind she saw that it wasn't, the egg was gently placed around the body of an Ekans.

    "Whew, that's a relief," Amber whispered to herself. "Now, here goes for the other egg you guys."

    Amber put down the egg that was mistakenly put in her backpack with the other egg, quickly stepping away from the wild Ekans family so she wouldn't be bitten or wrapped to death. As she was soon leaving the area and out of the tall grass, she noticed that there was a cemetery nearby, thinking of what other scary adventures could be happening. As she thought about it, she was daring herself to go to it.

    However, before she was able to step another time along the trail, she noticed that one of the wild Ekans that she helped out slithered to her. She saw that it was holding one of the eggs she saved from the wild Yungoos, thinking that the egg would be a gift. The wild Ekans tilted its head and then looked up at her, extending its body. She saw that it was one of the eggs she saved indeed and it was going to be a gift from the Ekans family.

    "Well, thank you," Amber said. "I appreciate having another Pokemon on my side, however, I'm not used to having any Poison-type Pokemon yet."

    Amber thanked the Ekans family by giving them some berries she suddenly found on a bush nearby. As the Ekans family was happily eating the berries, she continued her way towards another scary adventure; the cemetery. Holding the egg in her hands trying to keep it warm, she kept and made sure that Litten and Pikachu were walking alongside her at all times. When they were walking however, she wondered what kind of moves it would learn when it hatches, or when it hatches... Thinking of the best of the best.

    To Be Continued...
    - The Amazing Journey -

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