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    But the Team Rocket trio are the core of the show....
    I'm so used to them being in every episode that I don't like the idea of them being cut down. James is my favourate character in the show and if team rocket go I'll enjoy it a lot less.
    Yeah I've got nothing on Jessie. The trio themselves are too established for me to come up with any real theories on them.

    I think Yamask and Woobat will evolve. Team Rocket always have evolved pokemon. Happiness won't be an issue. Wobuffet, Mime jr., Arbok, Weezing, Chimecho, Cacnea and Carnivine clearly were very happy with their masters and Serviper, Victreebel Dustox and Yanmega all hinted to be happy as well.
    Personally I think Yamask and Woobat both look loads better then their evolved forms but I think that's what we'll get.
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