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Originally Posted by col_hacker View Post
another point out the flaws by frost weaver. my card:

Frostweaver Removal System
Continuous Spell
Pay 500 Life Points to activate this card. Frostweaver cannot make anymore point-out-the-flaws-in-everyone's-card posts. If he does, he is banned.

Now THAT'S originality.
Hey, guess what?

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 in the first post View Post
Remember, people may be rating the cards and criticizing the cards from their own opinions
He's perfectly justified in doing so!

Normal Spell
Pay 500 life points to activate this card. You may kill someone, then go directly to jail. Do not pass Go or collect $200.

Really, now:

Eighth Heaven
Field Spell
While this card is face-up on the field, you may treat its name as "Sanctuary in the Sky". Whenever a Fairy-type monster you control is destroyed as a result of battle, you may Special Summon 1 LIGHT Fairy-type monster of an equal or lower Level from your Deck or Graveyard.
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