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    Originally Posted by Ichaste Pekoni View Post
    Hey, guess what?

    He's perfectly justified in doing so!

    Normal Spell
    Pay 500 life points to activate this card. You may kill someone, then go directly to jail. Do not pass Go or collect $200.

    *Begins Sharpening knives and glaring at classmates* Oh, you'll wish you had never laughed about me liking children's card games now, won't you... HEHEHEHEHEH!

    Really, now:

    Eighth Heaven
    Field Spell
    While this card is face-up on the field, you may treat its name as "Sanctuary in the Sky". Whenever a Fairy-type monster you control is destroyed as a result of battle, you may Special Summon 1 LIGHT Fairy-type monster of an equal or lower Level from your Deck or Graveyard.

    Every fairy monster suddenly becomes Uber Shining Angel. Wowza. I like it quite a bit... well, except that it makes your stupid A N G E L deck too annoying now, Icha. XD

    Take it from the Top
    Normal Spell
    The turn count is set to "Zero". Return all cards on both player's fields and in both graveyards to the deck and shuffle it. You cannot normal summon or special summon a monster on the turn this card is activated.

    Raving Ghouls of The Next World
    Atk 1600/ Def 1300
    -Choose one of the following effects and activate it:
    -Both players choose three cards in their deck and send them to the graveyard.
    -Both players select three monsters in the graveyard and remove them from play.

    Dramatic Arrival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Counter Trap
    Activate only when your opponent declares an attack on your life points. Special summon one fusion monster with "Elemental Hero" in its name from your fusion deck. (This is treated as a fusion summon)

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