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    ^Alright mate, I updated the first post with new screenshots.

    Explanation screens:
    - As Jaws and Cruella are not their real names, I figured they'd use codenames randomly which suits them best at that time. Meaning they like to change their names. No worries, eventually they'll give up, but that'll take a while.
    - The legendary Pokémon the hero reads about in the shed makes a quick appearance a few minutes later. Too short for the main hero to see what it was though...
    - Pewter City Gym is based on the Animé, and I really like the outcome. Using the default tiles and editing some parts, it is now close to the Animé version.
    - All Pokémon Centers will be recognizable by the Red Pokéball sign. So they will look like real buildings, except for the sign. Pokémon Marts however will just be the default marts from the original games.

    CodeProject 001
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