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    After we shook hands Gaby and I went to the old ladies candy shop. I ordered a caramel candy while Gaby ordered a sea-salt ice cream. I popped the candy in my mouth and Gaby started licking her Ice Cream. We both smiled and she giggled which only made me smile again. She then said something that shocked me.

    "Do you like Fuu" She asked me and my whole face turned red. I slightly nodded and she seemed a mixture of sad and happy. I looked at her and then at the ground. I grabbed her hand and tried to cheer her up and it worked.

    " Alright Rafa lets go and win the struggle tournament" She said and has a half hearted smile on her face. I nodded and we both finished our treats and headed towards the Sandlot. I saw that Seifer and Rai had just gotten there also. I smiled and stepped into the ring "The First Semifinals match is between the team of Rafael and Gabrielle and the team Rai and Seifer. Begin" After the announcer said that I ran towards Rai and swung at him multiple times missing each time. He swung once and I was barely able to block it. I jumped up and was able to hit him with a two hit combo that looked like it did alot of damage. I smiled but I was suddenly knocked back by the force of one of his hits. For a second I couldn't breathe but I saw Fuu was looking at me worried. I quickly got up and caught my breath. I ran at Rai aiming for his legs and managed to get a three hit combo. I then knocked him out with two combos to the face. I looked at Gaby smiling at her seeing that she managed to knock Seifer out.

    "The winners of the semifinals match are Rafael and Gabrielle" The announcer said through a megaphone so that the entire crowd could hear. Lots of people cheered and I smiled happily. I looked around and Gaby and I got out the ring. The next match was between the team Tonia and Angel and the team of Amai and Fuu. Fuu ran up to Tonia with her Guard bat while Amai ran at Angel quickly striking him with a few three hit combos knocking him out cold. Tonia blocked most of Fuus attacks until Amai ran up to her and struck her from behind while Fuu hit her from the front knocking her out. "The winners of this match are the team of Amai and Fuu." The announcer said over the megaphone. I smiled when he announced the final match was between my team and Fuu's team. I ran up to congratulate her with Gaby right behind me. I smiled when I finally caught up to her.

    "Nice win Fuu." I said then looked at the ground for a slight second. In that slight second everything around us changed. I looked up and noticed that time has frozen. I looked around and saw that Fuu, Amai, Gaby and I were the only ones unfrozen. Out of nowhere a bunch of those white things with zippers came out of nowhere. Amai and I readied our struggle bats, Gaby readied her struggle staff, Fuu readied her guard bat. The four of us ran at the Nobodies and swung but or attacks went right through them. The Nobodies attacked us and sent us flying backwards into each other. Then our weapons changed. Gaby's and mine changed into the Kingdom Key, Amai got two blades that has an X shaped hilt on her back and Fuu got Chakrams. I smiled and ran towards the nobodies slicing some in half. Gaby sliced two more in half. Fuu knocked some out with her Chakrams. Amai cut many of them in half due to her double swords. I smiled until I heard a faint laughing sound.

    "So you managed to beat the nobodies but lets see how you handle this." Soon after the voice went away a storm appeared and started sucking us into it. Out of instinct I grabbed someones hand and we got sucked into the storm.
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