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    Originally Posted by DarkAlucard View Post
    Thanks!!! I'm your first customer and i post the first post in your new thread =)
    BTW i love the old style that you're using, is very nostalgic =,)
    thank you :) i love the sprites from pokemon yellow, they're my favorite, so i figured i'd go with the sprite from the game that the specific pokemon was introduced in (eg. mudkip r/s, entei g/s/c, pikachu r/b/y)

    and thank you for staying patient with me through my mess-up :/ i appreciate it

    Originally Posted by Kyle95 View Post
    ill give u a Milotic [VGC09] - UK (05309) [Shiny] [] [Nature "Timid"] for

    10 ANIV Umbreon Lv70
    Faint Attack, Mean Look, Screech, Moonlight
    is the milotic touched or untouched? because i do have one at the moment, but it's been touched.

    Pika says to visit my trade thread ^_^
    Help me raise my Ice Houndour egg please :) :
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