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Welcome to the thread of Titanium.

~Table of Contents~

So here it is the main introduction to Pokemon Titanium.What I will be showing you today is the project Noob gamemaker and I have been working on for a long time...sort of.Most of you are saying"A G/S/C remake ugh..."whine all you want this game is going to be great.And others are saying "What's the return all about?"The return is because noob gamemaker started this project and is currently making a different project.The game is going to be made with RPG maker XP.We hope to succeed with this project and not just throw it away and forget about it.With your help we will succeed perfectly!

Make sure you have time to read this...

The main hero is traveling to the Iluna Islands right off the coast of Jhoto.The hero has to obtain the six pokemon that the professor elm gives you and train them with love and care to raise them to be the ultimate pokemon team ever.You have to defeat alll of the 8 gyms and the elite four.Once you do that and have completed the professor's task to fullfil the pokedex with data you have beaten the game... Or have you?(stay tuned for betas and downloads to find out)

National Pokemon
New hero
New lands
Kanto gym leaders
Mission Feature
-more to come

Axibar=Head programmer
OmegaGroudon=Plot editor cutscene maker and stuff/Graphics maker
Flameguru=Beta Tester
Matthewhack=Head mapper<~ Fired


None at the moment. The game is under major construction.

Noobgamemaker=Start of the game